Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Senator McConnell Joins American Idol Contestants

Dear Senator McConnell:

We’re in the final weeks of American Idol, when my heart aches for the kids who have worked so hard, come so close, and can feel the breeze of defeat racing toward them. Being of the bleeding-heart ilk, working up enough emotion to cover you along with Crystal, Lee, Casey, and Mike - the remaining four contestants - came naturally last night. Interestingly, I saw a little of you in Mike, who the judges saved after he hit bottom a few weeks ago and who obviously didn’t think that meant he needed to step up his game. I also saw a bit of you in Casey, who can’t seem to find the heart to do what is necessary.

After the show, I texted my votes for Crystal and Lee, hoped the American people would recognize their talent and dedication and do the same, and directed the remainder of my concern to you. Even though you are not up for re-election this year, you surely must have felt that breeze this week when God spoke, and fate validated the tired when it rains it pours cliché.

As if having the news of an increase of 290,000 jobs in April come out almost at the exact moment you started running your “President Obama’s spending threatens to destroy more jobs” ad for Tray Grayson wasn’t bad enough, God sent a rather frightening warning against drill, baby, drill, your party’s most understandable slogan in recent years. I guess you probably know I am neither religious nor an expert about the oil industry so I will bow to the expertise of Republican Governor Perry of Texas, who continues to defend his belief that the oil spill can legally be determined to be an act of his god. I will also defend you when you flip flop on drill, baby, drill because, like the American Idol contestants are wise to listen to the judges, you will be wise to understand that Governor Perry’s god is seriously against offshore drilling.

And finally, what luck, at a time like this, to have those Brits show what can happen when reasonable people put their country before their party, huh? Seriously, when it rains it pours (literally, this week). Since I’m a cup-half-full kind of person, I am going to see this as the bright light shining on them, and not as a finger pointing at your obstructionist party.

Hoping you’ll move toward the light,


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