Saturday, June 15, 2013

What's Poor Senator McConnell to Do Now?

Dear Senator McConnell:

I sent the attached letter to Senator Rand Paul today, as well as sharing it with the world. When asking my friends who all they thought I should copy it to, several said, "Your Senators." Sigh.

That puts me in a tough spot, since Rand Paul is my Senator and you, my other Senator, have been doing your best to convince everyone that you are, or are willing to be, as crazy as he is. So, I'm copying the letter to you. I'm sure your advice to him will be to ignore me since that's what you always do. And your response to me will be, "Thank you for sharing your views with me so I can ignore you. Please join me on my FB page that I also ignore, and on Twitter, where I will never respond."

Seriously, though, I do think you should carefully consider the potential ramifications of the lies and violent rhetoric your party is tossing out. I do believe it will come back to bite. Soon.

Senator Rand Paul:

Regarding: Your words at the “Road to Majority” conference in Washington on June 13, 2013

I take strong objection to your decision to use violent language (ala Good News Club) when speaking to Republican Christians about “liberal elites” who don’t share your/their religious beliefs. Your slick lumping of “liberal elites” in with scary foreigners your fans love to hate so much wasn’t missed. You may think the Rove practice of blaming your perceived enemies for doing exactly what you are doing—waging war-- is clever but I disagree.
Not only do I disagree, I put you on notice now. I believe you are preying on people who are often incapable of thinking for themselves, expecting them to act on your violent rhetoric. Regardless of who was present to hear the speech, I believe your words were carefully chosen to incite your base and I consider that a direct threat to my safety.
You see, Senator Paul, you have a history that sticks with you no matter how you might want to pretend otherwise. We know of at least two women from your past who live in fear of your violent tendencies – your Aqua Buddha kidnapping victim and your curb stomped victim. I know that most abusers get away with the first few, and that the violence escalates as they get away with abuse. That means your next victim(s) should suffer worse than Lauren Valle and I will not remain silent while waiting for that to happen.
There is no room for doubt that your fans, supporters, militia buddies, head-stompers, fellow Republicans and Libertarians are open to your thinly veiled calls to violence. We watched what happened when Sarah Palin and John McCain played this game. They tossed out plenty of violent rhetoric, complete with cross-hairs on posters, to incite violence. (Far as I know, not a single person was curb-stomped for those violent posters, like Lauren was for holding a humorous, non-violent poster that you didn’t like.) I am not alone in thinking that your party’s disgusting pretense that what happened during the McCain/Palin campaign was acceptable and inconsequential was dreadfully dishonest, especially since it was followed with the Gabby Giffords shooting, and other less deadly incidents.
There are consequences for all actions. This letter is to put you on notice that I consider your carefully worded speech to be a call to war against me, a vocal non-Christian, “liberal American elitist” who speaks out every chance I get to warn fellow citizens to pay close attention to what you and your party are doing. There is plenty of evidence (thanks for offering more in your speech yesterday) that you do wish me harm. All I wish for you is that you will be voted out of office and given a reality television show for your next career move.
My father was a peace-loving man in action as well as words. The one time I heard him make what could be considered a threat, it was to tell a man who had threatened me that he should probably hope nothing happened to me since his threat would make him a suspect. I’m saying the same to you. I’ve received small warnings/threats from your patriots [sic] when I’ve spoken the truth about you. Now, I want you to clean up everything you’ve said that could possible incite your base to harm me, or anyone else who doesn’t agree with them or share their religious beliefs. And, in case it’s too late to protect me that way, I’m sending a copy of this letter to everyone who might be able to hold you accountable should I be harmed in any way as a result of your careless decision to use rhetoric to incite violence against those of us who do not share your opinions or religious beliefs.
cc: everyone who might be able to hold you accountable should I be harmed in any way