Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Open letter to Mitch McConnell - February 4, 2010

February 04, 2010 12:01 PM EST

Dear Senator McConnell:

For years, I have written to you about issues that matter very much, to me, to my country, and to my world. I’ve laughed off your form-letter responses that make it clear you either did not read my letter, did not comprehend what you read, or did not plan to give my position any consideration. I understood how you might have thought you owed me—personally—nothing, since I am a registered Democrat and have actively campaigned against you for decades. Today, I am ashamed of my generosity, and my ignorance of exactly how much you do owe me.

You, Senator McConnell, hold my life in your hands. Your votes determine whether or not I am safe and I have the things I need in order to survive. This week, you either misrepresented the way President Obama’s administration handled the Christmas Day underwear terrorist or you remained silent when you thought the Bush Administration mishandled many others. You owe us an explanation because the consequence of your politicizing terrorism is that you endanger our lives. The problem with your dishonesty is that your base admittedly doesn’t bother fact-checking and they repeat your incorrect statements, making intelligent discussion of important issues in our community almost impossible.

I am not so generous any more. I dropped my head and hoped no one knew I was from Kentucky when you made the static cling comment and shook my head over many subsequent absurd statements. I have grown weary trying to clean up your messes and your most recent comments anger me. I stopped accepting feigned ignorance as an excuse for dishonesty from friends and family and I will no longer accept it from you. There simply is no acceptable excuse.

In addition to (or in lieu of) your form-letter response, I await your public explanation and correction with at least as much news coverage as your original misstatement received. I will alert the media of this expectation also.



copied to local media, national media, blogs, the White House, and everyone else I could think of)

I suggest we all do the same every time our elected officials misrepresent the truth - let's hold them AND the media responsible.

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