Wednesday, March 20, 2013

McConnell Madness Brackets Ready

Recently, over in the Facebook Group, No More Life With Mitch McConnell (name reflects anticipated retiring of this blog along with the Senator in 2014), I posted this:

BE ON THE WATCH: I realized today, when I saw Mitch's FB post, that the odds are against him. Any day now, he is bound to slip up and accidentally tell a truth.

So far, that hasn’t happened. In the spirit of March Madness, I created a bracket competition with the accidental truths I would most like to hear Senator McConnell drop. I invite everyone to participate and share with others.

There will be no cash prize but we are all winners if someone replaces his botox injections with truth serum, or he suddenly develops a conscience at this late age. And, to all who predict the winner, I will be forever in awe of your awesomeness.

Should anyone feel cheated because there is no money involved, you are welcome to make a donation to the NOT MITCH fund:

Make checks payable to: Jefferson County Democratic Party

Be sure to add this to the FOR line: Against Mitch McConnell

Mail to:

Jefferson County Democratic Party
640 Barrett Avenue
Louisville, Kentucky 40204 
(per Bill Ryan, Chairman, Jefferson County Democratic Party)

Let the fun begin!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Mitch and Elaine, Sittin' In a Tree

Mitch and Elaine, sittin’ in a tree
First they laugh, then they cry
Then comes the ad
That couldn’t be sorrier if they tried

Seriously, this is how immature the most recent ‘first’ McConnell ad for the campaign really is. I do thank Elaine for jumping in and making herself fair game, though.

For anyone who doesn’t know, many progressives in Kentucky think Mitch McConnell is not a threat and should be easy to defeat in 2014, so Progress Kentucky does not represent us. We distanced ourselves from that group as soon as they favored a primary challenge.

I hear there are people who were not aware that Elaine Chou served as United States Secretary of Labor in the Cabinet of President George W. Bush.  A little about her:

McConnell's first, first ad


McConnell's second, first ad  (for the record, he doesn't work his heart out for Kentucky. He has no heart and the sane citizens of Kentucky know that.)


Monday, March 4, 2013

Wealth Inequality in America

Just when I think it isn't possible to dislike Senator McConnell any more than I already do, I run across something like this. THIS is what Mitch McConnell represents. Disgusting.

Actress Ashley Judd Speaks on Reproductive Rights | C-SPAN

Dear Senator McConnell: 

I'm posting this here for several reasons.

You are campaigning against her when she hasn't even announced that she is running.

There are people out there who think Ashley Judd is "just" an actress. This will show them how much more she is than an actress, or an activist - she's intelligent, caring, and a beautifully packaged mix of soft and strong. (You should be worried. She's everything you are not.)

And, she made me realize that you, Senator McConnell, are my pig. How cool!

Actress Ashley Judd Speaks on Reproductive Rights | C-SPAN