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Sunday, March 15, 2015

McConnell Promises to Continue Being a Total Ass

should have been the headline. Instead, they used, McConnell Threatens to Delay Lynch Nomination Over Human Trafficking Bill.

"A bipartisan bill aimed at aiding victims of human trafficking is in peril now that Democrats have learned it contains an anti-choice provision to restrict funding for abortion. Democratic lawmakers say they were not aware of the abortion-related language and have accused Republicans of sneaking it in"

Newsflash, asshat, you don't get to pretend you are the victim when you are the leader of the hypocrites who whine about pork and then shove pork into every bill they get their hands on. That is disgusting and dishonest.

Nice try, though. I'm sure the brain dead fools who still support you are sufficiently gullible and ignorant to overlook your hypocrisy.


Sen. Mitch McConnell defends GOP letter to Iran was "highly appropriate"...

WTF, you despicable, dishonest, old coot. Do you honestly think this bunch of flap-jaw will convince a single sane person that the party that you are supposed to be leading didn't commit crimes and endanger this country? If so, you're supider than I thought.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

President Obama Mocks Sen. Mitch McConnell for Trying to Take Credit for Economic Growth

 More proof that McConnell is a sociopath and the people (Republican voters and people who don't bother to vote) who put him in office must have some serious mental problems of their own.

McConnell might not have a heart, a conscience, or the ability to be embarrassed but he does have more gall than I thought possible.

President Obama Mocks Sen. Mitch McConnell for Trying to Take Credit for Economic Growth

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Know what might suck worse than having McConnell for a Senator?

Being McConnell.

Imagine if you had spent six years doing everything you possibly could to make President Obama's job and life miserable, and then, you realized your life's ambition of being Majority Leader, and had to face the music with President Obama in 'No more fucks to give' mode. Oh, how that would suck - possibly worse than having McConnell for a Senator. Maybe.

I am not at all embarrassed to admit that I get shamefully gleeful when I read articles like Mitch McConnell Begs President Obama To Reconsider His Planned Keystone XL Veto, and imagine how miserable the ornery old obstructionist fool must be at times like this.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell campaigned on forcing the president to bend to the will of Republicans, but it is the Kentucky senator who is now on bended knee asking Obama to reconsider his promise to veto the Keystone XL bill.
This should come as no surprise to him, or to anyone who paid the least bit of attention to his campaign. Like everything else he has said or done in the last couple of decades, this campaign was nothing but self-serving lies. He said and did whatever he thought he would impress low-information voters who had not paid attention and would not know enough to call him out or to hold him responsible later. And he used dirty money to run dirty ads - nonstop - to spread his lies.

Unfortunately, his supporters are as clueless today as they were then, and will suck up and blame President Obama (and his allies, as McConnell likes to call sane people, as though we aren't proud to be allies to the President.) Now that I think about it, being a McConnell supporter probably sucks worse than having McConnell for a Senator, too. Imagine having to make it through life with lots of fucks to give and not a single clue.

On the Senate floor, McConnell said: The Keystone Jobs bill is just common sense. 
That's not true. By definition, common sense means good sense and sound judgment in practical matters. People with good sense and sound judgment know this is not a jobs bill. It is a get-richer scheme for McConnell and his owners, who care nothing about this country or its citizens. But, nice try, McConnell. Saying words makes you appear to have something going on in that head.

That’s why this bipartisan legislation already passed the Senate with support from both parties. That’s why labor unions support it. That’s why the American people support it.Americans know that construction of this infrastructure project would pump billions into the economy and support thousands of good jobs.
 There he goes again, pretending he speaks for everyone when that is far from the truth. Sure, there might be a few Democrats and a union member or two who hate Americans as much as he does but they are not the majority. THE American people don't support a single thing McConnell stands for. A few clueless people do. This would pump billions into the pockets of his owners. Just once, it would be nice for him to speak the truth. Or even get somewhere close to a little bit true. 
They also know that America could achieve this with, as the President’s own State Department has indicated, minimal environmental impact.
Well, that's not exactly what they said. They said it would likely not dramatically affect global greenhouse gas emissions. But that's not the only concern. McConnell knows this but don't expect him to ever come clean about that.

Again, I wish McConnell sleepless nights, ulcers, and a conscience that will kick in one day and torment him the rest of his days. Carrying his guilt surely does suck worse than being his victim.