Thursday, June 28, 2012

Once Again, Rand Paul Embarrasses Kentucky

At least he is consistent. Every time Rand Paul opens his mouth, he is wrong and embarrassing. We know, for sure now, that he should not be a doctor, or a politician, or a teacher. Apparently, he is qualified to rewrite history texts for Texas but I don't like that idea. So, I suggest he consider reality television or prison guard as his next profession.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bill would make it a crime to knowingly mislead voters about elections | The Raw Story

Dear Senator McConnell:

Something tells me you would lie, and say that your constituents care more about static cling than fair, honest elections. And, again, you would be wrong. I hope I am wrong so I anxiously await your thoughts about this.

Bill would make it a crime to knowingly mislead voters about elections | The Raw Story


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

McConnell's Whirlwind Week of Secrets, Misinformation, and Inconsistencies

Dear Senator McConnell:

If you were going for a record number of embarrassing statements in a short period of time, you succeeded. It's nice to know you can succeed at something, I guess, but you surely must know your success is a loss for the people you are supposed to represent. Not only have you shamed Kentucky, you embarrass the entire nation in front of the world.

WARNING: This article contains messages that might be harmful to those with heart disease and/or high blood pressure. Mitch McConnell: Tax code favors lower-income Americans 
McConnell did say again that Republicans “are prepared to do a grand bargain,” but only with “a serious president” — adding later that President Obama wasn’t serious about striking a serious deal during last year’s debt-ceiling negotiations.

Seriously, Senator McConnell, statements like this are making me wish I believed in hell (other than the one you are putting me through). 

And, then, there's this: 
Mitch McConnell's choice: Justice delayed, and delayed, and delayed  How can you look in the mirror when you've accused President Obama of not being serious, yet you have proven, time and time and time again, that the only things you are serious about are lying and delaying progress? 
Mitch McConnell Invokes Thurmond Rule
"This is no idle threat: Mr. McConnell tends to keep his word. After Mr. Obama’s inauguration, for instance, he swore he’d dedicate himself to the president’s political downfall, and ever since then he’s rigorously opposed everything the president wanted"

Since you are billing yourself as "Leader" McConnell now instead of Senator McConnell, I am going to include this article, regarding disgusting behaviors exhibited by members of your party and ask why, as leader, you have said nothing about this. Montana GOP Convention Features Newt Gingrich, Guns And A Bullet Riddled ‘Obama Library’ Your silence "leads" me to believe that you condone this disgusting behavior, or that you are too weak to be a real leader.

Corporate Feelings Robert Reich nails your lack of morals and decency with, "Clearly, McConnell doesn’t want corporations to be forced to disclose their political contributions because he and other Republicans worry that some shareholders and consumers would react badly if they knew – and thereby constrain such giving." 

McConnell Makes the Case for Secret Donations  Apparently, you not only misrepresent the first amendment, you also believe that your owners do not want to own the "speech" that they are pulling your strings to fight for? Does this resemble anything close to consistency to you? 
"As far as the Senate Minority Leader is concerned, there's nothing wrong with wealthy interests buying American elections -- the real scandal is a proposal to let American voters know who's doing the buying."
I guess you must be the one person who truly does envy Mitt Romney and wanted a piece of the attention he is getting for flip flopping? Convenient about-face on disclosure   If that's the case, you needn't embarrass yourself this way; your entire party is known for hypocrisy, duplicity, dishonesty, flip flopping, outright lying, and changing your story when you think it's convenient.
"Time after time in the 20 years after this commentary appeared in the Herald-Leader, McConnell reiterated his support for public disclosure of campaign contributions.
"Public disclosure of campaign contributions and spending should be expedited so voters can judge for themselves what is appropriate," he wrote in a 1997 column also published by the Herald-Leader."

Sen. McConnell: Political Donations Are Free Speech  When you retire (ASAP, please) I hope you don't consider teaching or helping Texas rewrite text books.
"Sunday was the 40th anniversary of the Watergate break-in — the opening act in a wide-ranging, White House scandal that was fueled by secret campaign money. Last week, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said it's time to roll back the Watergate-era requirement for public disclosure of campaign donors. He accused President Obama and liberals of trying to stifle the First Amendment rights of conservative donors.
McConnell Defends Koch Brothers  And this is why I call you Ofkoch.
 “My own view has always been that if you can’t convince people of the wisdom of your policies, then you should come up with some better arguments,” he [McConnell]said.
Please, try to explain how you can hold this view and the opposing view that people should be able to "speak" the wisdom of their policies through secret donations. This makes no sense to a sane person. 
Again, Senator McConnell, we deserve better. I demand better.

Read more here:

Senator McConnell on 1st Amendment - Rip Rinehart

Actual email from Mitch McConnell! Not satire from The Onion! Senator Mitch, or as he apparently now prefers, "Leader McConnell," gave a rousing speech last week to the corporate-friendly American Enterprise Institute. He defended the infamous Citizens United decision that is rapidly finishing off the last shreds of American democracy, and railed against proposals to require corporations and unions to disclose how they fund political advertising.

No big surprises there. Dear Leader McConnell knows where his bread is buttered, as they say.

But here's the hilarious part: he's calling his defense of Big Money and Super PACs a "full-throated defense of the First Amendment," and characterizing Democratic efforts to at least lift the viel of secrecy from the whole sordid thing as "bullying and intimidation tactics to silence conservative groups critical of the President's policies."

Oh, Mitch. Sometimes you just slay me with your wacky hijinx. You ARE kidding, aren't you?

Rip Rinehart 

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Dear Senator McConnell:

Please share this message with your immature Party.

This was created by one adult but many of us echo the message.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

American Jobs Act

Dear Senator McConnell:

I know you don't read. Remember those grandchildren I volunteered to read the HealthCare bill to you? I asked one of them to find President Obama's Jobs Bill for me and within seconds she had located it on the internet.

Pleased as it would make me to declare her the most brilliant ten-year-old on the planet, that would be misleading. Most children her age would be able to do the same. So, I wonder why your Party's presumed nominee wasn't able. Could it be that only people who recognize donuts have the Google on their computers? Only liberals know how to search the internet? Females have an easier time locating important documents?

Nah. I'm pretty sure we both know that Mitt Romney is a liar, and that is most definitely a non gender specific, Republican trait. I would bet my last dollar that he only pretended he didn't know about the American Jobs Act because he knows the Republican base hates facts and honesty, and would cheer right in lockstep as though they'd never heard of it either.

Seriously, how do you live with yourself knowing that most of them consider you their leader? (I know you're a puppet on tight strings, but Ofkoch probably means nothing to them.)

I'm sending this link to the American Jobs Act on the White House website. You might save face if you can bring yourself to read it this time, share it with your presumed candidate, and maybe have him explain what he doesn't like about it and why you obstructed it every step of the way.


Former Fetus