Tuesday, May 11, 2010

February 12 Open Letter to Mitch McConnell

Senator McConnell:

You’ll be pleased to see that I’m in a better mood today. I wasn’t at the winter meeting of the Republican National Committee last year to hear it for myself, but I did read your cry for a “post-partisan” era. I knew if I tried hard enough, I would eventually find a common interest or two, and a way that the two of us could work together. It didn’t take long. I’m patting myself on the back already and hope I’ll be able to reach out and do the same with you soon.

Earmarks/Pork: I’m sure it must be terribly difficult to straddle that “stand by your man” and “bring home the bacon to campaign on” line. Feigning disgust for earmarks sponsored by Democrats when you know they remember that you publicly defended your own $1,252,689,325* worth of pork surely must turn your smile upside down and make your tummy churn at night. (How many pages do 166 earmarks add to a bill, and did the other senators complain about having to read that much?)

I think, if you would choose a consistent message and stick with it, your tummy would thank you. (Your staff might thank you also, since the rest of wouldn’t have to overload them with letters and phone calls.) Don’t be afraid to stand up to John McCain (he lost the election which, I think, means the majority of people in this country weren’t impressed with his no earmarks campaign) and other party members who make you look like a hypocrite. They shouldn’t do that to you.

Although there might be another name for the way Senator Shelby held 70 nominations hostage while he tried to get the contracts he wanted for his state, I’m sure you will agree that it is the same as holding a bill hostage for earmarks. Again, you tried to play nice guy for a member of your party and ended up looking uninformed. Your leadership role provides you the opportunity to explain exactly what Senator Shelby was trying to do, and that you support such moves. You don’t deserve to be called names like buffoon just because they expect you to hide their truth.

Responsible Government Spending: Here’s your ace-in-the-hole opportunity to prove that you mean this and that you are willing to take on the Obama Administration. Why are they not aggressively going after Halliburton and Blackwater/Xe/whatever-they’ll-call-themselves-after-this-outing for the millions of dollars both companies stole from this country? To most (more than 51%) American people, a million dollars is an enormous amount of money (might want to tell Michael Steele). I'm not quite as confident with an unsubstantiated 'most' here, but am willing to bet that 'most' of us don’t want anyone to get away with stealing millions of taxpayer dollars from us, hard-earned or easy come.

You will do your reputation a huge favor if you would take on this project, along with pointing out how Bush/Cheny’s privatization of the war with no accountability cost us dearly.

If you pour your heart and determination into recovering what we are due from corrupt corporations, and this administration ignores you, I will be able to defend your position for a change. Wouldn’t that be cool?
See ya soon!

* Fiscal Year(s) 2008-2009 Solo Earmarks 112 $697,707,000 With Other Members $554,982,325 All Sponsored Earmarks (166) $1,252,689,325

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