Saturday, May 13, 2017

Finally Glad to Say Leader McConnell

Dear Leader McConnell:

I've checked in recently and discovered that people are still reading this blog even though I seldom post anything new. Those readers probably feel like they've wasted their time so I am going to try to do better.

In case you are interested, here's a breakdown of the countries from which people are most often seeking information about you, and end up on my blog. I would love to know what, specifically, they hope to find, but will settle for believing you are considered a leader around the world. Famous leaders will be the focus of this letter.

South Korea and Russia, right up there with the United States

It irked me for a long time but I am finally ready to embrace your new title. Leader. You seem quite proud of it. And it's obvious that Trump is nothing more than your puppet, barely capable, mentally or emotionally, of doing much more than signing his name to what you and Ryan have wanted for years, so you have earned it. 

Which means you will earn your leadership place in history: 

Mao Zedong
Pol Pot
Kim Il Sung
Josip Tito

Your authoritarian regime will lead to domicide and every word you speak these days tells us you are giddy at the prospect. I've even seen pictures of you smiling for a change - always after you have done something that will hurt many. What a guy!

Hoping the wide net reaches you,


Thursday, February 9, 2017

McConnell in Kentucky February 21, 2016

For those who think McConnell never visits Kentucky, here's proof he at least plans to visit. I know he lives here and does come home but have never seen him out, even when I lived in his neighborhood. And I know he does speak here occasionally, usually at closed events or in elementary schools or hospitals in areas where he knows he has support. 

Anyway, here's a chance if anyone would like to see or hear him. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

McConnell Won't Silence Coretta Scott King, Elizabeth Warren, or Any Other Persistent Woman

McConnell, Ofbannon, or whatever you prefer these days:

Once again, you embarrassed sane Kentuckians. Actually, that's just a permanent condition for us now. We know we can count on our Senators and Governor to embarrass us every time you speak. The fact that no Republican can be even the slightest bit original should be embarrassing to your party but that would require pride, so I won't hope for change.

Aaron Yarmuth is my favorite guy today for turning around some of my stinkin' thinkin'. I was prepared to spend the day hating all over you for trying to silence Senator Warren's contribution to the Sessions debate - until Aaron thanked you and made me decide I should maybe be grateful, too. In case you missed it, here's a repeat:

Thank you Senator Mitch McConnell for bringing even more attention to Jeff Sessions and his racist past that should disqualify him from becoming the U.S. Attorney General.
You have done a great public service (as a spiteful gesture toward Elizabeth Warren) ... now Coretta Scott King's letter will be read by more Americans than ever.
And I thought I was going to have to get over my aversion to cameras and microphones and make a video of myself reading the letter you didn't want to hear. But, again, Aaron saved me. He did such a fantastic job that I decided to share his instead of making my own. You're welcome - he looks and sounds better than I would have. In case you missed the tag (while checking in to read all of the messages you ask your constituents to leave for you on Facebook) here's a link to Aaron's video.

 And, in case you just can't bring yourself to click on a Yarmuth page, I will post the letter for you to read. 

It's really hard to believe that you didn't want something as pertinent as this to be read on the floor of the Senate. That should make everyone wonder if you aren't as racist as Sessions, or political as you accuse others of being.

Persistently yours,


Thanks to Charm for telling me about the error in the title.