Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rachel Maddow Not the Only One Who Gets to Call Bull Pucky

Dear Senator McConnell:

It’s hard to see your name these days without seeing Super PAC Progress Kentucky hanging onto your slimy coattails, trying desperately to claim some of that overwhelming love and approval you enjoy. So, I can sorta, almost pretend to believe you were being honest in whining about how Democratic liberals are trying to infiltrate conservative groups in the defeat McConnell campaign. Almost. 

(Apologies to sane people who read my letters. That part about overwhelming love and approval didn’t make it past my gag reflexes, either.)

If I were like you, or like Progress Kentucky – totally into saying whatever might suit my purpose instead of the truth – I would  say everything in my experience leads me to believe that your side encouraged some people to create a group, brand themselves with something including the word Progress, and try to embarrass liberals. That is much more believable, and Progress instead of Progressive would make me giggle because it’s so like the way conservatives consistently and childishly use Democrat when they should use Democratic as if they need code words to identify themselves for other idiots.

I’m disappointed in Politico, Mother Jones, and Salon for proving how easy it is for a tiny little fringe group to slide (maybe oil from the slimy coattails helped?) dishonest, self-penned, praisy-chain letters about themselves into MSM. And shame on you for trying to tie this to President Obama or his allies (seriously, laugh out loud hilarious that you think anyone is stupid enough to buy that).

This Obama ally does not want a primary challenge for you and is nowhere close to being alone in that opinion. I’m embarrassed for the fools who think we need anything more than a human body with a pulse to beat you, and disgusted with the ones who imply that the Democratic Party is incapable of handling this. RED FLAG CLUE – if that little group were in the liberal/Democratic/Obama allies loop, they’d know better. Yep, looks like they are either on your side or deceptive, in which case I'd like for you to just keep them.

I’m here to tell you that Keith Rouda has no authority to speak for Kentucky Democrats or Obama allies. He might know a few people who call themselves progress[ives] and who want to chum up with people who call themselves tea party. Seriously, that should make heads explode. It’s like saying, “I’m vegan,” while chewing on prime rib. Or saying, “I’m pro life,” and supporting the death penalty and war. Does NOT make sense. Most of the liberals I know would rather scrub toilets or listen to you whine than associate with violent, racist people who wear tea bags. Progress Kentucky speaking for Kentucky Democrats is just like you speaking for THE American People. It is misleading at best.

Obviously, I’m not a fan of Progress Kentucky. I’m skeptical of any group whose actions are inconsistent with the principles they try to claim. I was mostly kidding when I said everything in my experience leads me to believe that your side encouraged some people to create a group, brand themselves with something including the word Progress, and try to embarrass liberals. Everything in my experience does tell me that but, sadly, I do know that Progress Kentucky has done everything possible to get their name out there, to convince the public that they are the only activists in Kentucky working to defeat you (which could not be farther from the truth), and they have bragged about trying to team up with the tea party. So, much as I know it is like Republican, Rovian tactics to create a mess and blame the other side, this time I’m pretty sure that’s not exactly how it happened.

Let’s just call Progress Kentucky an outlier. Fringe. Some sort of anomaly since neither side wants to claim them. I’ll continue to call you a liar because the article to which this letter refers is total Bull Pucky, and you can continue to call me an Obama ally.




  1. Thank you! I was beginning to think I was the only one!

  2. Reposting!!! I could not agree more!