Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Love My President. Wish I Could Say the Same About My Senators.

Thus far the only legislator who has railed against the proposed order was Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). McConnell called the proposal an “outrageous and anti-Democratic abuse of executive branch authority,” and went on to say, “Just last year, the Senate rejected a cynical effort to muzzle critics of this administration and its allies in Congress.
McConnell is working under the assumption that the draft order is an attempt to restrict free speech, but there is nothing in the order remotely resembling free speech violations. The exact wording of the president’s executive order says, “The Federal Government prohibits federal contractors from making certain contributions during the course of negotiation and performance of a contract.” There is no free speech issue and the order applies to union contractors as well as non-union contractors. There is no special dispensation of muzzles or prohibitions on political support; only certain contributions during negotiations and performance. Republicans must hate the idea of corporations like Halliburton or Koch Industries losing the ability to contribute unlimited money to legislators for special treatment in securing government contracts, especially no-bid contracts like the ones Dick Cheney’s company’s received in Iraq and Afghanistan. In lieu of veracity, McConnell accuses President Obama of muzzling critics and suppressing free speech when in fact, the order will bring increased transparency and accountability to the process of awarding contracts. Republicans made it their goal to increase transparency and accountability in government in the lead up to the midterm elections, so McConnell should be thrilled that President Obama is helping them achieve their goal.

With A Stroke Of His Pen Obama Strikes Back At Citizens United

April 21, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

75% Constitutes THE American People

Senator McConnell:

Once again, you either don't understand or you lie. I'm guessing a little of each, which makes you unfit for your position. When the polls show that 75% of the people support something, you don't get to lie and/or pretend that you know better what they think.

The American People DO think it is time to tax the top 2%. Don't tell us what you "think" we want. Listen to what we tell you we want. The time you spent during break was only with your supporters, in private places. Don't pretend that you were out talking to the masses because that is not true.

This quote misrepresents me, a constituent, and 75% of the American people. You owe us an apology and an honest statement, in public.

“Yeah, these bills are designed on purpose not to pass,” McConnell asserted. “I mean, the president is deliberately trying to create an issue here. Look, the American people don’t think, I’m sure, that it’s a good idea. Four out of five of the so-called millionaires are business owners, over 300,000 small businesses in our country that hire people. I don’t think the American people think that raising taxes on business, small business in the middle of this economic situation we find ourselves in is a particularly good idea.”

What do you mean "so-called" millionaires? Are you implying that someone has suggested people who are not millionaires will be taxed as millionaires? What makes you think/say that? And why would you say that these bills are designed on purpose not to pass? That is not true. They were designed to pass and 75% of the people want them to pass. You chose to ignore 75% of the people to pursue your own agenda of obstruction and destruction.

You might think police, firefighter, and teacher layoffs aren't your problem now. I bet they will be your problem when re-election comes around.

Rest of the story and video here.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Suggestion For Rand Paul

Dear Senator Paul:

If you can't sit still long enough to do your job, may I suggest that you follow the lead of Rick Perry's son? He quit his job to work his father's campaign. Of course, I will expect your mother to be more honest than Mrs. Perry, and not pretend that this puts you in the same boat as all the people who have lost jobs through no fault of their own.

I appreciate Senator Bennett's comments to you (see video below in case you weren't paying attention) and hope you will take them to heart.

President Obama Has Written Personal Checks to Letter-Writers In Need, Author Says

President Obama Has Written Personal Checks to Letter-Writers In Need, Author Says: In February 2009, ABC News was first to report on the 10 letters from constituents that the president is given each day. Culled from the thousands the White House Correspondence Office receives each day from Americans who have taken the time to sit down and...

Senator McConnell:

This article gives me one more reason to be disgusted with you. We all know that President Obama would be doing all he can to help every American who is in need - if it weren't for your obstructing, filibustering, taking this country hostage for your personal vendetta against President Obama (what is that about, anyway?). Knowing that he carries a heavy heart because of what you are doing makes me very sad. It also clearly shows that President Obama is a man of character and you are not.


Last Straw, Senator McConnell

Senator McConnell:

Yesterday, after seeing this video, I was too angry to write.

How can you live with yourself after lying like that? President Obama owned the congress? Are you insane, or just the worst, hypocritical liar on earth? You, Senator McConnell, took this country hostage with your record number of filibusters. Yours is the party that keeps talking about personal responsibility yet I haven't met anyone in your party who actually does that or calls on you to do that. You are all hypocrites.

Today, I'm too angry not to write. You voted against protecting 400,000 jobs for teachers and first responders. You can never again pretend to care about jobs or about this country and the people in it. You have proven, beyond all doubt, that you care about none of those. You are a heartless, selfish, hypocritical liar - at best. We, THE American People deserve better.

Since all polls show that a large majority of THE American People support the American Jobs Act, and you are bound to know by now that your party has lost what little support you had, I have to wonder what you have planned. Surely, you aren't going to roll over so you must think something is going to happen to protect your party. What is it? Think you have suppressed enough votes? Rigged enough voting machines? Ready to call out your militias (I've kept a close eye on the Patriot [sic] and militia pages.) Something else? I don't expect an honest answer, just asking rhetorical questions so other readers will consider the possibilities.

And, then, you failed to thank President Obama for making wise decisions regarding Lybia. Add childish to the list of disgusting traits I attribute to you.

In case you haven't noticed, this country is awake now. Young people started the most wonderful movement and now they and others of all ages and stations in life are in the streets. We've had more than enough of your games and hostage taking and blackmailing. I am advising everyone to seek legal council and press charges against you and the Republican Party for endangering our lives. You might think you are protected but times - they are a changin'. People are ready to think outside the box, and to refuse to take NO for an answer, in which case, you have nothing left to say.

More disgusted with you than I've ever been,


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pass This Bill!

(Nothing dear about you*) Senator (in name only) McConnell:

I know I am wasting my time. You have demonstrated that you care nothing about this country or the people in it. You've stated repeatedly that your only goal is to hurt President Obama, regardless of the consequences to this country. You have failed to do your job, failed to listen to the people who have called, written, tweeted, and approached you on Facebook. You have done nothing but ignore and hurt us.

Still, I respect my President and will continue to do as he asks. I am writing today to let you know that I am disappointed and disgusted with your childish, destructive filibuster of the American Jobs Act. Once again, you embarrass all sane, rational, informed people of Kentucky. I ask you (knowing that it means nothing) to reverse your destructive behavior, to stop hurting the country and its citizens, and to stop embarrassing my state.


*Calling on everyone to stop dishonest practices

Friday, October 7, 2011

Calling all Occupiers

“They’re on their iPhone made by Apple incorporated, they’re wearing designer jeans their parents bought for them, that’s the kind of stuff I’m annoyed with when they say corporations are evil – corporations are businesses.” Rand Paul

Will everyone who wore designer jeans to an Occupy event, and told Rand Paul our announced publicly  that their parents purchased their jeans please contact me. 

If I don't hear from anyone, I will assume he is talking out his ass, as usual.

Think their parents bought their designer jeans?