Tuesday, May 11, 2010

February 16, 2010 Open Letter to Mitch McConnell

Senator McConnell:

"While the American people have already rejected the health spending bills pending in Congress, today it appears the President has heard their calls to scrap the 2,700-page, partisan bill and start over," McConnell said in a statement.

Who do you expect to believe this line of tripe and why do you continue to embarrass and insult us this way? No rational person thinks President Obama’s willingness to coddle your pathetic party has anything to do with him “hearing calls to scrap the bill” or that the bill is partisan. Sane, honest people know that what he “heard” were your dishonest martyrdom about him not considering your non-plan, and your dishonest attack and distract about his promising to televise meetings on c-span, and your feigned ignorance of the fact that it would have taken an additional c-span channel to cover all of the meetings. And reasonable people know that President Obama’s biggest mistake was in diluting the bill to please your party, whose ONLY health care contribution in eight years was an absurd sell-out-to-pharmacy Part D addition to Medicare, so you could pretend you did something that you didn’t and whine later about the cost of “socialized” medicine.

The kids are still waiting to read that 2,700 bill that you obviously have pushed aside, along with letters from “the” American people. They are capable. Yesterday, they took turns reading aloud to me from the book I’m writing about how “some” (note the honesty in that word, as opposed to your misleading use of the word “the”) people got stupid enough to vote for someone like you. They breezed right through, comprehending what they read, even, so I told them that I have volunteered them to help you with bills and letters. Let us know when you’re ready.

Meanwhile, I am an American “people”. Stop misrepresenting me now that I (and many others) have let you know that we do not support your delusions. If you must say stupid things like the quote that started this, make it perfectly clear that you speak for a few confused people when you spew this nonsense, not THE American people.

Words and honesty matter.

Seriously weary,


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