Tuesday, September 2, 2014

McConnell Updates 9/2/14

10 reasons Why Dems Will Hold Senate 
     Personally, I'd say Mitch McConnell should be the number one reason. That should scare all voters.

Finally, MSM is unable to ignore this story  

THE WALK - VoteVets Ad in Kentucky 

     "Of course a liberal Obama advocacy group that specializes in misleading ads has descended into Kentucky on behalf of Alison Lundergan Grimes," McConnell spokeswoman Alison Moore said in a statement." Any time someone tells the truth about Senator McConnell, he and his allies/cronies/brain dead supporters call it an attack.


      "The senator was intent on bringing up what he considers a questionable deal involving how much the Grimes campaign is paying for its bus. The secretary was equally eager to tell the Farm Bureau that McConnell was rarely in attendance at meetings and hearings of the Senate Agriculture Committee." People with any sense will note that he has to say "questionable" and "potential" because there is no story here - unlike recently recorded statements in which he makes promises to the Kochs, and the unquestionable, very real scandal with his campaign manager. 

Follow the Money, Follow Your Nose: Mitch McConnell, the Ghost of Jesse Benton & Karl Rove’s Banker (Long Read) - See more at: http://www.barefootandprogressive.com/2014/09/follow-the-money-follow-your-nose-mitch-mcconnell-the-ghost-of-jesse-benton-karl-roves-banker-long-read.html#sthash.DGT34dcb.dpuf

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