Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another vote for Barack Obama? Sounds Good to Me!

Dear Senator McConnell:

I want to thank you for the ads reminding me that a vote for Alison Grimes is a vote for Barack Obama. I was discouraged when she ran the stupid gun ad, proclaiming that she is not Barack Obama. You've restored my faith in her.

You see, I voted for President Obama twice, and have watched you obstruct everything he wanted to do - the very things that we elected him to do. You seem to not believe in our system; to think that your desire to destroy this country is more important than the votes of THE American people. I would love to see President Obama get a third term to make up for your lies and obstruction. Since that can't happen, I will vote for everyone who is willing to work with him.

It's so seldom I get to thank you for anything. This feels great.



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