Monday, September 15, 2014

Life With Mitch McConnell Update, 9/15/14

Mitch McConnell desperately defends citizens united in unhinged op-ed 

McConnell says minimum wage hike is a job killer but once the economy rebounds it might make sense (nothing like trying to play both sides, Loser McConnell)

  Disagree with two things Senator Reid said: Mitch McConnell is not his or our friend, and he shouldn't call on Senator McConnell to walk back the ugly things he does. That's just silly.

Received this unsolicited insult in my g-mail box from Diane Umbarger,
I’ve been coming out to volunteer for the RNC every weekend for the past few months, and I wanted to give you a quick update from the field.
We haven't met, but I’m an RNC volunteer from Mooresville, NC.
I’ve been coming out to volunteer for the RNC every weekend for the past few months, and I wanted to give you a quick update from the field.
You might think I'm crazy for giving up my free time to knock on doors and talk to voters, but I know it makes a difference.
Let me prove it to you. . .
One day, I was knocking on doors, talking to people about how much this election will change the course of our country. And at one house I met a student who had never voted before. The RNC had given me the intel that he wasn't registered, and I was able to quickly register him and give him the info he needed to get to the voting booth in November.
Another time I was door knocking, I met an elderly couple that was frustrated about the direction of the country. They’d lost hope in their grandchildren’s future and didn’t see why their vote even mattered. I explained how important the Senate election is in North Carolina and put my RNC training to good use describing the gravity of the situation. Finally, they got it and agreed to turn out and vote in November!
This is exciting stuff! Real people are turning out to vote Republican because of conversations with volunteers like me.
I'm obviously passionate about winning back the Senate. So I wanted to email you and encourage you to sign up to volunteer as well.
As a volunteer, you get to speak directly with voters every day where they live. And you get to see the difference you’re making directly to the elections.
In local neighborhoods, the RNC really is the front line for Republican victories. They give me and all the other volunteers the resources, training and data we need to turn out Republican voters.
Join me in helping Republicans win.
See you in the field!
Diane Umbarger
RNC Volunteer
Is it legal to combine campaigning and voter registration?
Future of this blog: When Alison Grimes replaces Mitch McConnell as my Senator in November, this will become the Life With Alison Grimes blog, where I will hold her feet to the fire the same as I have his. I started that today by posting this on her Facebook page entry about her new ad in which she shoots a gun. 

I hate feeling used and that is exactly how I feel after seeing this ad. I hate it. Hate, hate, hate it. I have do all I can to help Alison Grimes defeat Mitch McConnell because my state, country, and world can't take another day of that dishonest, destructive obstructionist. So, I will support her campaign and vote for her. And in November, I will change my blog from Life With Mitch McConnell to Life With Alison Grimes and hold her feet to the fire the same as I have his if she continues this ridiculous disregard for Democrats, sensible people who do not want guns in our lives, people who want something better than coal, and the millions of us who support President Obama and dislike the people who keep throwing him under the bus. Very disappointed.


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