Friday, September 5, 2014

How Senator Mitch McConnell Can Redeem Himself

Dear Senator McConnell:

When I saw your campaign ad that tries to attach a negative connotation on President Obama saying, "We don't have a strategy yet," I was confused. First, you are not running against President Obama. Oh, yeah, guess we can chalk that up to your obsessive POTUS envy, and accept it as admission that you know you can't beat Alison Grimes so you are trying, once again, to beat President Obama. (I remind you that you did not make President Obama a one-term President, and despite your obstructionism he has done quite well, so this doesn't look like a winning strategy for you.) 

Even if you were running against President Obama, it would seem rather pathetic of you to find fault with that statement. I suppose it's difficult for you to understand a man with character; someone who can, will, and does tell the truth. 

This made me think about the sad position you are in - nearing retirement with legacy that will disappoint your offspring and remember you as a dishonest, disgraceful obstructionist. Possibly, a traitor. I'm writing to offer my advice on how you might turn that lemon into lemonade. Possibly be remembered as a true patriot after all.

The American people (I honestly believe I am in a better, more informed position to speak for us than you are) love rebirth stories, especially the ones complete with admissions and apologies. When an addict finally comes clean with the world, they are elevated to super hero status, given book deals, and paraded out on talk shows.

The same could be true for you. All you need to do is admit that you are powerless over your addiction to GOP greed and dishonesty, and that you have given up your hypocrisy and asked a true higher power to save you from that sick addiction. Apologize to Kentucky, America, and the world for all the damage you have done and vow to never, ever, go anywhere near politics again.

I would respect you and bet others would, too.


p.s. Are you sure Team Mitch is on your side? Sure doesn't look that way to me.

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