Monday, September 22, 2014

I'm Senator McConnell and I approve this lie

Dear Senator McConnell aka OfKoch:

All of your ads disgust me but the new one I saw today made my blood boil a little more than usual. You are bragging about holding this country hostage? And criticizing Democrats for negotiating with  you, the hostage holder, because that was the only way to save what little is left of this country after your party destroyed it? Are you serious?!

As if that wasn't bad enough, someone--obviously not in his right mind--suggested that you were the only adult in the room? Oh. your. god. Unbelievable. Unless, maybe Team Mitch thinks adult diapers qualify you. President Obama was the adult in the room when he took office and has remained so. I hope you will take some much needed time (you have plenty, since you work so few hours and spend so much time in the air, flying to fund raisers) to think seriously about how pathetic you look when you allow your POTUS envy to show so often. Also, you might want to think about how you bring President Obama with you everywhere you go and you don't look good in comparison. 

Once again, you and your supporters are embarrassments to Kentucky. No wonder we have a reputation of being a bunch of backwoods yahoos who couldn't pass second grade. Shame on you for preying on their ignorance instead of trying to help them. Shame.


p.s. If Rod Kuegal is truly a Democrat, he's proof that there is at least one Democrat who is as stupid as a Republican

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