Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Senator McConnell

There is no excuse for anyone to be this dishonest. You do NOT speak for the American People. Last Monday morning, most of us (most, as in more than 50%) woke knowing that you are a dishonest hack who will say or do anything to try and hurt President Obama.

You have a lot of nerve making negative references to President Obama campaigning four months before his election, when you have been campaigning for months and you (unfortunately) aren't even up for re-election this cycle.

Your dishonesty, your ignorance, and your habit of thinking you can speak for Americans that you know nothing about and care nothing bring your sanity into question. I am encouraging THE American People to demand that you submit to mental competency testing since we are not safe as long as you continue to stand on the floor of the senate and misrepresent our President and the truth about your role in trying to destroy this country.


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