Monday, July 23, 2012

Rand Paul lets me know that his religious beliefs are more important than the law or our freedom (Abortion)

Black type are Rand Paul, maroon are my responses to his letter. 

July 23, 2012

Dear Ms. Knauer

Thank you for contacting me regarding your thoughts on when life begins.  I appreciate hearing your thoughts on this issue.  Yep, he appreciates hearing my thoughts as long as I don't expect him to actually care about them.
I believe life begins at conception and it is the duty of our government to protect this right to life for every citizen, born and unborn. But, Senator Paul, your beliefs don't matter. You supposedly went to medical school and should know that the products of conception are not people. When the conscience/soul/life enters the body is anyone's guess. I happen to believe it is when a fully-developed body exists the mother's body and takes its first breath. However, your lack of conscience/soul makes me wonder if for some it might never happen. Unfortunately, the Senate has failed to act on this and many other important issues. Wrong. The Senate acted on this somewhere around 1973. Abortion is legal. Honesty is a something we should be able to expect from elected officials so you might also want to mention that it has "acted on" many times since and, abortion is STILL legal. As a result, I offered an amendment to the Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act (S. 1940), which would declare that the right to life is vested in each human being at the moment of fertilization and protected by the Constitution. Yes, this ridiculously inappropriate action is what I addressed in the letter to which you are responding.
Unfortunately, the majority in the Senate did not even allow my amendment to come to a vote. Glad to know the majority did not allow your inappropriate abortion amendment to the Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act. It didn't belong there and I am embarrassed that you tried to put it there. The flood insurance bill, along with a student loan bill, was rolled into the conference report on H.R. 4348 the transportation authorization bill. In violation of Senate rules requiring legislation be available for 48 hours before being voted on, the conference report was made available for less than 24 hours before the vote. Members did not have time to read the bill or make helpful amendments. Please stop insulting my intelligence. You have time to do what you want to do. If people like you didn't stick ridiculous amendments into bills, you might have even more time to get through the whole thing. Ultimately, the Senate proceeded to pass the package of bills on June 29, 2012, by a vote of 74-19. I voted against it. The House of Representatives also passed the legislation and it has been signed into law by the President. What part of my letter led you to believe someone else might have written it in my name? I did mention that I know these things, and that I was writing to tell you how disappointed I was in your actions.
It has been my steadfast position that I will always vote for any and all legislation that would end abortion or lead us to in the direction of ending abortion. Which means you don't care about my position, or the position of the majority of people in this country, and that you think you have some "right" to force your religious beliefs into my life and government. And that makes you a huge hypocrite because you pretend to be all Libertarian and pro getting the government out of our lives. Hypocrite - just want to repeat that. I don't want you in my personal business and I want nothing to do with your religion.  Being pro-life is consistent with my beliefs in constitutional government. I've noticed you have a problem with the constitution as well as with medical facts. I'd like to suggest maybe reality television for your next career move. The federal government declaring that certain classes of human beings are not persons and therefore not entitled to legal protection is ultimate example of tyranny. This is a totally dishonest statement, Senator Paul. You can pretend that you believe a zygote is a "class of human" but you will be a liar and wrong.
Although we may not agree on this issue, I am sure there are many others on which we can find common ground. Doubtful. I will be surprised if we ever agree on a single thing. But I'll keep hoping.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance in the future. I look forward to hearing from you again. I will not hesitate, although it is very difficult to get past Captcha on your site. I'm sure I look forward to it much more than you do.
 p.s. I think it is ridiculous for anyone to ever demand an apology, because honest apologies come without request, so I'm not asking. Just want to remind you that I will never forget that you did not apologize to Lauren or anyone else for the head stomping incident.

Rand Paul, MD
United States Senator

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