Monday, July 9, 2012

Let’s Talk About Redistributing Wealth, Senator McConnell

Dear Ofkarl*:

Remember when your buzz words were all about how President Obama wanted to redistribute the wealth? I knew then that it was just more Turdblossom Politics, where your party thinks it is so cute to accuse others of doing exactly what you anticipate you will be caught doing.

Again, you’ve been caught. 100% of the time, always, without fail, when you lie about the Democrats doing what you are, in fact, doing, you get caught. And, dependable as ever, you keep right on with your lies as though we aren’t going to notice.

The wealth has been redistributed, but not in the direction you said it was going, and not because President Obama hasn’t tried to stop it. We notice. Many of us notice that your party takes from those who need it most and gives to those who don’t need a thing, and that you propose to do even more of this if you can get away with it.

I am asking for an explanation. I want an individual response, tailored specifically for me, a constituent with a right to hear from you, telling me exactly why you think I should go without the things I need so that you and others who have more than you could ever possibly need, wallow in greed. Please, Senator McConnell, hold your head high, or tuck it between your legs, just tell me how you rationalize this so I can at least thank you for your honesty. 


*If Ofkarl makes no sense to you, please read MargaretAtwood’s, The Handmaid’s Tale. It seems the Republican Party is determined to turn this science fiction into a reality.

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