Sunday, July 1, 2012

McConnell week in review: Uninsured 'not the issue'/Defends Koch Brothers

 Dear Senator McConnell:

Thanks for admitting, once again, how little you care about your constituents and the rest of the American people, who you continue to pretend you have a right to speak for even though you refuse to preface those statements with an honest "the few ignorant Americans who still support me and the wealthy who have bought me" disclaimer.

 Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) suggested on "Fox News Sunday" that helping uninsured Americans get health care coverage is not a priority in GOP plans to address the health care issue.  McConnell: Uninsured 'not the issue'

Regarding this comment: 
My own view has always been that if you can’t convince people of the wisdom of your policies, then you should come up with some better arguments. But for all its vaunted tolerance, the political left has consistently demonstrated a militant intolerance for dissent.” [Senator Mitch McConnell]
How dishonest for you to imply that the problem of messaging is not due to the fact that your party spends ungodly amounts of money to spread false information. My view has always been that if you can't convince people of the wisdom of your policies without lying and cheating, you are a pathetic loser.

Worse than dishonest is your use of the word militant in this statement when the right is owned by the NRA, the right chums around with militias, the right shows up armed, the right is promoting armed insurrection, the right uses war lingo while preying on school children . . .  if you were not a sociopath, shame would make you choke on those words.

And this statement:
"Charles and David Koch have become household names, not for the tens of thousands of people they employ, not for their generosity to charity, and not for building up one of the most successful private corporations on the planet, but because of their forceful and unapologetic promotion and defense of capitalism.”

Maybe you admire the Kochs, Mitt Romney, and others like them for being slick enough to destroy this country while lining their own pockets and off shore bank accounts. Decent people do not. People with morals, ethics, consciences, and basic human instincts know that success comes from being part of something bigger - giving and taking fairly, caring about others and the universe, and being honest with themselves and others - not from amassing fortunes to use to harm others. The sum of a person matters, so your disingenuous listing is insulting. I'll bet Charles and David Koch also use their napkins and refrain from farting in elevators but that does not balance out the evil they do.

Only a person with your uncanny level of gall could have said this during the same week as the Issa disgrace 

 "It’s very Nixonian, reminiscent of the Nixon years where there was an enemies list at the White House. This is a reckless and ruthless administration that will do anything to quiet the voices of its opponents.” 
Hope it doesn't break your heart too much to know that you are regarded with less respect than Richard Nixon.

You have to live with yourself. I would hate to be you.


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  1. It is obvious Mitch McConnell has been in Washington too long, surrounded by people like himself who have excellent health coverage, no worry there and who have not a negative word to say about the people who send so much money their way to get them re-elected. It is only right, they must think, to send a lot of money back, just to be fair and not seem ungrateful.

    Yes, he has been in Washington way too long.