Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Reid Rescues Middle-Class Hostages from McConnell

Dear Senator McConnell:

I didn't call you when I polled friends about roller coaster rides. When discussing an analogy I wanted to use in a story, a friend let me know that he disagreed with me that going uphill was the scary part of the ride, downhill the thrill, and making it to the end without derailing such a relief that I just have to get back in line to relive it again, and again, until the park closes. Turns out people are divided; some agree with me and others believe going down hill is the scary part. After the roller coaster ride you were on this week, ending with  Harry Reid wins a big one on tax cuts,  I'm guessing you might fall on the side of coming down hill isn't so pleasant.
Reid finally succeeded in doing what Republicans have been fighting for nearly two years: separating the middle-class tax cut extension from the tax cuts for the wealthy, and that breaks the hold the Republicans have had on this hostage.
Whew. I hope you don't resent me terribly for enjoying the refreshing breeze of heading down this hill. I sure deserve it after living through these uphill battles to get there:

Hope someone is working on a script for you that doesn't make you look foolish by talking about how much money the Democrats waste.

To show that I play fair, I will let you know that THE American People I know aren't happy about this.

If you would like to run these ideas past me before you use them, I will gladly tell you how they can easily turn on you.
In this case, it would have been easy since the reason I so adore Lawrence O'Donnell is that he speaks straight from my heart. 
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Guess this sorta blows the accusations about which side doesn't bother to read bills, huh?

And then, there are the too-many-to-address Mitt Romney embarrassments. I'm choosing just one to share, since it highlights the disgusting hypocrisy of your party so well. Romney Advisor Guy Slamming Obama For ‘Leaks’ Was Same Dude Who Leaked On Valerie Plame

Hope you enjoyed your week as much as I did! 

Running to get back in line for another ride,


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