Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sociopathic McConnell Tries (Again) to Project Guilt

I have neglected this blog since Election Day, mostly because I held out hope that, before January, McConnell would swallow his forked-tongue, or be committed for one of the many mental illnesses I believe plagues him, or the earth would open up (attributable to fracking would be perfect) and suck him in, or he would come to his senses (call me the eternal dreamer) and resign. Time is running short so I have decided - at least for today, who knows what I'll think tomorrow - to approach this differently.

For the most part, I don't waste time on people who are hopelessly lost, people who neither deserve nor appreciate my time, or people who are so repulsive that no decent person should be expected to communicate with them. McConnell (who doesn't get a title from me because he refers to his President by last name only) meets all of my criteria for a person with whom I don't want direct communication. Instead of talking to him, I will talk about him. The difference between him and me is that when I talk about him I will tell the truth, unlike the lies he tells about me when he says he doesn't hear from constituents who disagree with him, or when he says he cares about his constituents.

One thing I can say for McConnell is that he is consistent. The last six weeks have been just like the previous thirty years - he embarrasses me and shames my state every time he opens his mouth. The most recent example is this: Mitch McConnell Blames Democrats For His Years Of Senate Obstruction.  Not only is his POTUS envy obvious to anyone who isn't in a coma; apparently, he thinks we are all too stupid to recognize his flaming display of Turdblossom Politics.

What a silly man he is. Only his supporters are that stupid and there are so few of them they don't really count for much.

(I will still send my opinions to him, they will just be in the form of links to my blog posts.) 


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