Monday, December 15, 2014

Choose Your Own Title: Read Between the Lines, or Read Between the Lies

What’s wrong with this picture, other than McConnell’s name is attached? News spot tonight touting the wonderfulness of McConnell sneaking into the CRomnibus bill a line that will help Kentucky get into the hemp business. On first bite, sounds like a winner that people who fail to listen beyond bites and headlines might never question. Being the doubting, inquisitive, Tomasina that I am, I was quite disturbed by the words “commercial” and “waiting to locate in Kentucky”. Anybody else see a problem with them?   

Who do you suppose wants to own the hemp industry? Kochs? Monsanto? Romney? McConnell's drug dealing inlaws? 

Meanwhile, over on McConnell’s Facebook page, he is bragging about his very good year. Warms my heart to see that both sides are giving him hell – mostly over the same things for completely different reasons.

Reads Lies Between Lines

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