Thursday, November 6, 2014

Stop Peeing on My Leg About Tuesday Because You’re Pissing Me Off

I've been channeling Judge Judy for about twenty-four hours now. Can't count the times I've already thought, in her voice, "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining." The latest time was when I saw a pundit try to convince us that the final sale of our country to the Koch brothers isn't really such a bad thing because old, white Republican voters will die soon.

 Assuming that my readers are sane, I'll give you a minute to recover.


 Seriously. That's how ridiculous the spin on the death of our country really is. The even worse news is that seemingly sane and reasonably intelligent people suck up everything those pundits purge and savor it like candy. My Facebook news feed shows a steady flow of already-recovered mourners totally relieved to see that someone thinks all will be okay once a whole voting block drops dead, or who are pleased to gloat over the fact that maybe McConnell will have to do some work or face VETO, and some who feel great about themselves because this loss gave them renewed energy to fight harder next time.

 Time for another break. Let 'next time' settle for a few seconds. We have plenty of years to waste.

 And then there are the ones who started late Tuesday night, talking about all of the mistakes the Democrats made (even pointing out how they deserved to lose for running scared of the truth that the critics won't admit) and who we should run next time - like brides who think only of the wedding and not the marriage.

 Yeah. That's the answer. Republicans will probably be a nicer bunch of degenerates next time and it'll be a piece of cake. Let's just forget this tragedy, wait for the old white folks to die, and it'll all be okay. Good plan.

 In two, four, or six (depending on the race) years, Republicans will no longer own the voting machines. They will have won over enough minority voters to give up on suppression and disenfranchising. (Wait! Won't those minority voters they've won over replace the old, white corpses?) They'll gladly redistrict and maybe even apologize for gerrymandering. And they will be too broke to run dirty campaigns, even if they still wanted to lie. Sounds great. Glad I walked myself through this so I can stop mourning, too.

 Honestly, who is really naive enough to believe these were all 'close races' that Republicans actually won, no matter how many times and how many ways the corporate-owned media say it? I can't imagine a less-informed bunch of people anywhere else on earth.

 It takes a special kind of twisted thinking to blame Democrats who did not vote, Democratic candidates who didn't say every single thing that every single voter wanted to hear, Democrats who didn't knock on enough doors, Democrats who couldn't outspend the Koch and Rove machines, MSNBC, the DCCC . . . Although every one of those things probably harmed momentum and turn out, and we need to address the mistakes made, the bottom line is this: Uninformed, willfully ignorant, misguided, corrupt, dregs of society Republican VOTERS sold us out, and turned this country over to the highest bidders. I plan to hold the ones I encounter responsible.

 I also hope to start a movement to edit all documentation to change the words democracy and republic to oligarchy. That should be our first order of business during this marriage – uh, administration. Because, the next election is two years away and we have work to do before we start talking about it.

 If I had any faith in Americans, I would put replacing voting machines with paper ballots, requesting UN monitoring of our elections, providing every citizen of voting age with a free voter ID card – but I can't go through the disappointment of being rejected and threatened over those again. I'm old and I'm weary.

 And I'm shopping for a new country.

 I pledge no allegiance to the flag of the un-united states of America, and to the oligarchy for which it stands, one nation, divisible, with liberty and justice for a few.


My friend says it much more eloquently here.


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