Wednesday, November 5, 2014

McConnell: Majority Leader or Oscar Contender?


The only thing more disgusting than the candidates your party ran, including and especially you, is the person who voted for you. I’ve seen and heard all of the absurd concessions in which seemingly sane people congratulated some of your party winners [sic] who cheated and lied throughout their campaigns, and the equally ridiculous blame being shifted to people who didn’t bother to vote and candidates who lost. Although I am disgusted with anyone who didn’t bother to go vote against Republicans, and unhappy with the Democrats who feared the lies they would invite from you if they demonstrated pride in their party and OUR successful President, ultimately, the people who did vote for you own the responsibility for giving you the power to destroy what is left of this country.

Your campaign is one of the most disgusting things I have witnessed in my sixty years on this earth. Your party polls people to find out what the majority wants, then campaigns as though those are the things you will deliver. Ignorant – terminally ignorant, desperately stupid, foolish people who brag about hating facts and not wanting to know the truth, and who haven’t paid attention to anything you’ve done – hear and read your Koch-sponsored dishonest ads and think it sounds good. They are too stupid to know that you have already obstructed, filibustered, denied them all of those things, and will do so again. To finish it off with some faux warm and fuzzy, you go find some foolish tools, like Noelle, to make some dishonest ads and prove that some people are gullible enough to suck up any plate of maggots you put before them as long as you tell them it’s rice and it’s good for them. (For what it’s worth, I resent and dislike her and you for intruding my personal time with that ridiculous, dishonest call.)

The majority of Americans (at first I typed we, then changed it to our society, but I want to be sure to exclude myself and the too few others who have shirked the social mores that make the rest so ridiculously complicit in harming others for the sake of maintaining sick relationships and staying infected) are gleefully dishonest. Concession speeches are written to congratulate people who cheated and lied their way to a win. How stupid is that? You guys stand on the Senate floor and talk about your friends across the aisle when we all know that you are not (or should not be) friends. Friends don’t treat me the way you treat people. Friends don’t lie to me. Friends don’t destroy my country. Friends don’t expect me to be stupid enough to fall for their deception.
I don’t want my representatives or my President to ever call you my friend and I sure don’t want you to refer to me as your friend. I am not your friend and you are not mine. This is our understanding of nice? Repeating lies designed to sound nice? This is sick. And this is why people like you are in positions to hurt so many others. It must stop.

The duplicity demonstrated by your supporters is mind-boggling. These people who insist that food stamp recipients and public housing residents must be drug tested overlooked or were okay with the fact that your family is under investigation for major drug crimes, and the pathetic tool who made the ad and robo-call in which she gave you credit for recovering her child when the truth of the matter was she was a drug addict who had been charged with child endangerment and you met her at the airport for a photo-op. (Even if television cameras follow you to the airport routinely, they don’t publicize all of your other personal business.) Your supporters can be found all over the internet whining about drug users getting anything – education, food, housing, healthcare, air to breathe . . . yet, they are okay with your drug using friends. Why the disgusting duplicity?

Likewise, your supporters share horrendously offensive, racist garbage on the internet and in email groups. Find any Republican group on the internet and you will find flaming racism. Yet, you, your campaign, and your party trotted out the few non-white people desperate enough to lend their image and reputation in exchange for a few minutes of attention, and insult everyone by expecting us to believe that your party cares anything about them. Your record says otherwise. You, McConnell, and your party were unsuccessful in disenfranchising what you believed was the necessary number of voters, so you decided to pander to them this time so they’d vote you in and give you the power to take away more of their rights. Shame on you.

You successfully programmed your mindless supporters to ramble and rant incessantly about voter fraud, and then they condone your blatant attempt at fraud. Please, don’t send me the usual form letter that will assume I’m stupid enough to believe you were ignorant or innocent in this. I’m not stupid.

Worth repeating. It MUST stop.  

There is no way any thinking person on this earth could not know how corrupt and dishonest you and your party are. No way. As long as Americans continue to think that the person who calls you and your allies out on your lies and corruption is rude, while you slide home free, I know you will continue to harm me and my country. I will not participate in the national enabling of careless voters. I will hold every Republican voter I encounter responsible for all that is wrong in this country.

And, finally, I’ve given a lot of thought to your new title. I dropped Senator from your name when you dropped President from Obama. My real hope, honestly, is that you don’t live to see your first day as Majority Leader. You are not a leader and you do not represent the majority of people in this country. I seriously doubt that you received the majority of votes in my state (know you didn’t get them in my/your county). But, should that day come, I will address you as Oscar Contender McConnell, because that is the only title you earned in this campaign.
Mourning the death of my country,


p.s. My wish for every person who voted for you yesterday is that they never know another comfortable day. 


  1. Awesome post!!

    1. Thank you, Jasmine. I appreciate the feedback very much.