Thursday, November 8, 2012

Next Up: Getting Rid of Mitch McConnell

I started this campaign the day after Mitch McConnell barely won his last race. Now that we have the 2012 election behind us, we can focus our attention on this important goal.

I was prepared to beg George Clooney to come home and run against Mitch in 2016. And then, I met someone else who I thought could easily beat Senator McConnell. This man is intelligent, one of the most dynamic speakers I’ve ever heard, and so charismatic that everyone who meets him falls instantly in love with him. But he didn’t think it was the right time for him. Now, there’s talk of Ashley Judd running and that puts a smile on my face.

There is also talk of the Republican Party trying to run McConnell out. His sudden cozying up to people who self-identify as Tea Party adds credibility to that rumor and makes me wonder if they will primary him.

No matter who runs against Mitch McConnell, they will be better for my state, this country, and the world than Mitch McConnell. We sane Kentuckians are going to need all the help we can get because the Republican Party will pump this race full of dirty money, and McConnell’s name recognition goes a long way with lazy voters who don’t bother or are unable to research and see the damage he has done. (Ashley might help in this regard.)

I created a Facebook Group dedicated to keeping people informed about McConnell’s actions (or inactions, as is mostly the case) between now and election 2016, and to motivate people who are interested in campaigning against him. If interested, you can join here.  Just remember, this is a totally biased group with a specific purpose. Anyone who supports Mitch McConnell, harasses those who are working to unseat him, or posts articles or links that are not related to the ugliness of Mitch McConnell will be removed and blocked.

Hope to see you there.

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