Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Dear Senator McConnell:

I would like to thank you for the great laugh today. Usually, when I hear or read your words, I cuss and want to cry. But, your response to President Obama’s appeal to THE American People to let our representatives know what $2,000 means to us by phone, mail, Face Book message, or Tweet (#My2K) made me laugh. Out loud, for quite some time.

Do you not realize how foolish you look? After all this time that you have incorrectly and inappropriately presumed the right to speak for THE American People, you criticize President Obama for actually listening to us, campaigning for what we wanted, winning the election, and now letting us know he is still willing to listen? Are you crazy? There’s not much else to think when your statements are so absolutely baffling.

Please, stop the games. You lost. You lost big time. THE American People (at least the majority of us) have spoken. We want the Bush tax breaks for the wealthy to expire but those for the middle class to continue. Convince your party to do the left thing for once.

Pleasantly Surprised For Once,



  1. If you are sending him letters has anyone checked that Mitch McConnell has retained the ability to read? I mean it has been a long time since there was any evidence of him learning anything that did not come from FOX, Rush,etc. I think the big secret about Republicans is many are illiterate. Nothing else can explain the ignorant obstinacy they display.

    1. Bruce, we know he doesn't read things like the health care and jobs bills. He admits that and says it is because bills are too long. I have volunteered myself and my grandchildren to come by and read those bills to him but so far he hasn't taken us up on the offer.

  2. Love it, Sandy! You nailed it. Kudos.