Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Dear Ofkarl (formerly known as Senator McConnell):


I thought it was strange when people started saying, "Word," to indicate agreement or to show appreciation for what someone else had said.

I think Steven Colbert's The Word segments are pure brilliance.

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And in a shocking twist that might make people worry about me, I am going to compliment you for appearing to be a leader for once by being first to use the Party word of the week. Unless I missed something--which is entirely possible since I was sick this week--you were the first to use the word gimmick this week. I realize you probably received the order to use it from Boss Rove, along with all the other supposed leaders in your party but as far as I know you jumped ahead of everyone and used it first, making you look like a leader. Of course, you look like a foolish leader of a bunch of liars - and that pleases me.

It's a tradition in my family to send pictures of gifts we would have given if we believed in going into debt on gift-giving holidays so I'm sending you this for Tax Day. My first thought was rope but President Obama seems to be sending you plenty and you're using it quite well. I figured with all the holes you've been digging for yourself you could probably use this instead.

 Anxiously waiting to see how many of you follow the order to use the word gimmick,


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