Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stand Your Ground Questions For Ofrush (formerly known as Senator McConnell)

Dear Ofrush:

Deciding who you belong to these days is difficult for me so I can only imagine how uncomfortable it must be for you to get passed around this way. Ofkarl? OfGrover? Oftanman? Ofrush seems the best fit for the moment.

At first, I didn't think the Treyvon Martin case concerned you. To be clear, that means I doubted that you would care about the stalking and murder of an innocent kid who contributed nothing monetarily to your life but, more importantly, I thought the case should be investigated by law enforcers not law makers. As weeks go by and more information trickles down (why is it only bad news and not the wealth as you would have us believe), I understand the significance of the roles that law makers and the Republican Party--which you are being paid to lead--have played in this and how this relates to many other things I have neglected to write about these past few weeks. If my thoughts seem to jump all over the place, I promise to bring them all home in a neat little package before leaving them with you.

A number of troubling issues seemed to fall into place when the right decided to politicize the stalking and murder of a kid who was armed with Skittles and a bottle of tea. Even I was surprised when your handlers went with the transparent, typical practice of trying to deflect guilt by making another ridiculous attack on President Obama. Is it just a habit you can't break? No self control? Lack of originality? Or, do you honestly believe your base is as heartless as they are ignorant? If you hadn't dumped on President Obama, I could have gone with making George Zimmerman a victim since I do think he probably is an inbred victim of Republican Party and its incestuous relationship with the NRA.

The reason for this letter, which I will copy to all of my elected representatives, is to let you know that I consider myself at risk due to the Stand Your Ground/License to Kill laws that your Party, the NRA, and your owners have brought us, and the way your handlers have led conversations in the aftermath of this tragic event. In this world of Republican Duality, the only things we know for sure are:

  • If a Republican says it the opposite is true
  • Always, 100% of the time, without fail, positively the Republican Party is guilty of whatever they accuse others of doing

With those certainties in mind, how is this tree-hugging, peace-loving, non-violent, war-hating, militia-fearing, gun-control advocate to think these laws affect my life? Since your Party has made it absolutely clear that you think killing is justified in cases where you perceive threats that would never exist in the minds of rational people (seriously, sane people are not afraid of hoodies, Skittles, tea, kids who don't look like us, or even strangers on the sidewalk), should I assume that you will believe you have a right to kill me if you “feel” threatened by anything I do? When I tell you that I feel threatened by your lies, your dishonestly named  policies, the fact that your party has sold out to Dominionists who are hellbent on turning The HandMaid's Tale into a reality and this country into a theocracy, your cozy relationship with militias and hate groups, the carefully constructed rhetoric your party uses to incite violence, and your propagation of the idea that with a god on your side your violence is justified, will you interpret my statement of fear as a threat against your life and assume the right to kill me? And then, will your handlers find my Facebook and Twitter comments, or my Life With Mitch blog and say I deserved to die because I disagreed with you?

Do you see how dangerously confusing it is for you and your Party to lie and twist everything until it makes no sense? So there will be no confusion, I will clearly state what the Party you are paid to lead is doing that threatens my safety:

  • Pretending that you believe President Obama and/or the left and/or non-Christians have declared a war on religion when in fact you have declared a war on the constitution by trampling separation of church and state and the freedom of all Americans to believe (or not) as they want confuses your followers into believing that they are involved in a war against me and justified in killing me. (Please see Katherine Stewart's book: The Good News Club for a better understanding of how the Christian Right has incorporated war language into their rhetoric.)
  • Propagating the ridiculous notion that President Obama has tried to take away guns when in fact the opposite is true endangers my life – and his.
  • Tossing out distractions (the war on women, the war on religion, the war on gun-control, the war on the unions, the war on poor, the war on the elderly, the war on kids with Skittles, and the never-ending wars on grammar, punctuation and facts) to keep your base so confused that they won't notice what you are doing endangers my life.

I close by telling you that I will not be silenced by the warnings I have received from the thugs your Party has unleashed, and that I expect you to use your microphone to lead your Party to sanity and honesty before more people are hurt.


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