Monday, January 23, 2012

Rand Paul Thinks He's Above the Law?

Glad to know TSA is watching carefully for hypocritical, domestic, terrorists. What was Rand Paul hiding? A gun-toting head-stomper in his sock? I want to think it's the penile implant that completed his sex change (surely his creator didn't mistakenly put that whiny voice in a male body) but bet it was a ploy to give him reason to criticize the "invasion" of his body and privacy while he stomps on the rights of women to protect their bodies from his religion/political party - because that sounds like what a good hypocrite would do.
 Rand Paul blocked at airport after Refusing TSA pat-down

Personally, I don't think a TSA pat-down compares in the slightest to the intra-uterine ultrasound that some in his party are ordering women to undergo unnecessarily before having legal procedures that they don't like.


  1. Maybe the lack of comments and interest here are indicative of something.

  2. Maybe your posting as anonymous is indicative of something even more pathetic? I would explain that the lack of comments visible to you means little to me as long as people across the globe are reading, responding to me, tweeting, and sharing - but I'm pretty sure your comment is meant as an insult and not an interest.