Friday, March 11, 2011

Rand Paul Wants Government Hands Off His Toilet

In one of his most embarrassing moments yet (for those of us who have to admit that he is our Senator), Rand Paul discusses his great distress over toilet problems and says he has been waiting decades to discuss this problem. Apparently, he has to flush ten times and he blames the government. I think he should be more concerned with his diet. I think he probably admitted to the world that he suffers the same problem that afflicted John Wayne and Elvis, and as a physician he should have realized what he was saying.

In the spirit of compromise, however, I'm willing to ask the government to stay out of the senator's toilet as soon as he asks them to stay out of my uterus AND comes clean about the thugs he hired to stomp heads at the debate.


  1. Wouldn't be a problem if Rand were't so full of sh*t.

  2. When McConnel and Rand Won, I stopped buying Bourbon. For anyone that Knows me they know what that means.
    Then Rand voted against the patriot act (and that's what it is, an act) then....
    I bought a 1.75 of Evan Williams.
    In respect to his potty training, He should get a Very High Colonic, Maybe that will Clean em out.