Thursday, March 3, 2011

Proof That Conservatives Vote Against Their Own Best Interest

Dear Senators McConnell and Paul:

In case you missed Rachel Maddow’s show last night, I bring a clip of the segment that should excite the two of you. The American people have spoken. You will no longer have to guess what we are saying (and, consequently, misspeak for us). The results might surprise you but I will include a dot-point list of things you have been getting wrong that you can carry with you while you clear up the misconceptions people probably have as a result of your misspeaking for us.

* 81% of The American people polled are in favor of taxing millionaires more
* 68% want to let the Bush tax breaks expire
* 74% think we should cut the special breaks to oil/gas companies
* 77% Americans strongly oppose efforts to strip unionized government workers of their rights to collectively bargain

I believe, by Republican standards where you claim a mandate if you barely eek out a stolen or Supreme Court victory, and pretend you are ruling the country when people who were fed up with President Obama’s catering to your blackmailing and obstructing stay home and give you a majority in one of three branches, these are overwhelmingly, overwhelming stats that you can’t possibly ignore.

What will probably surprise you more than these poll results will be the demographics of the people polled. 36% of the participants identified themselves as conservatives and only 24% as liberals. That should make clearing up those misconceptions easier.

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