Friday, December 10, 2010

Who Are You, Senator McConnell?

There are some of us with no way out. We've paid the dues, walked the miles, swung the hammers, carried the loads, jumped through the hoops, and still wound up buried beneath the rubble.

We aren't lazy. We aren't trying to get something for nothing. We are trying to get rid of what we have – multiple sclerosis, arteriosclerosis, cancer, AIDs, bad luck, corporations that sent our jobs overseas, companies that were run out of business by the Waltons. We've fallen and we can't get up. You seem to take great pleasure in our misfortune, as long as you have your fortune.

We hurt. And you spit on us as you kick us aside or step over us.

Your prayers haven't cured us or made us disappear. Your God hasn't put the goodness in your heart to help us, to stop blaming us, or to realize you are not better than us because you have figured out how to beat the system and take advantage of us.

Your words and inactions destroy what our diseases and misfortunes haven't already taken. It's not enough for you that our bodies and circumstances have failed us. You aren't satisfied until we've lost our homes and spirits as well.

We've done nothing to you. We've done nothing to deserve our fate. We don't want to live and we can't die. You've destroyed our lives and jailed our Dr. Kevorkian, because, after all, you believe you own our souls and the rights to our decisions.

You decide we should live without medical care, without pain medications, without unemployment, without social services, without food. You don't care. You simply do not care about anything other than your power and your wealth, which you have abused.

We're in your hell. Who does that make you?

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