Sunday, December 19, 2010

Putting Mitch McConnell on Notice About His War on Truth

Dear Senator McConnell:

I’ve been reminded several times in the last week that we are still at war. Someone on the internet reminded me of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Sadder still, friends reminded me last night that we are still involved in another war, also started unnecessarily by the Republican Party – The War on Truth. This one led to the support you needed to carry out the others. Since it is being fought on American soil and destroying everything that I hold dear, I have decided to make it the one I will fight.

Following, is what I wrote about your party's War on Truth several years ago. Since you’ve shown little regard for the letters I send you, I doubt you’ve followed my other writing so I am bringing this to you.

War on Truth, by Sandy Knauer

"Lord, I am not worthy to receive you. Say the word and my soul shall be healed."

The brilliance of the Bush administration's war on truth was in commandeering an unsuspecting army that had already surrendered critical thinking skills in return for the promise of paradise. A lifetime of reciting self-deprecating mantras like the one above, and blind faith in a deity who would expect it in return for the favors his father sent him to bestow, prepared the Christian soldiers for an unapproachable administration, sent by a higher power that considers itself above question.

The war on truth is creative, carried out behind the scenes, between the lines, under the covers, and up their sleeves. A few subliminal messages, offered in the form of innocuous religious phrases, served as weapons to kill intellects and souls, leaving empty shells to skew the body count. The shells, accustomed to chanting thoughtlessly, now repeat the administration's mantras like automatons.

Embracing God fearing as an admirable trait, Christian soldiers welcomed the opportunity to stockpile admiration, and readily assumed foreigner fearing, non-believer fearing, liberal fearing, and tax fearing. Proud of their Christian soldiers status, they sacrificed logic and accepted anything the administration presented as Christian values, without demanding harmony with their traditional values.

In meshing religion and politics, this administration uses the bible to remind their followers that they already embrace one documented set of contradictions that can be interpreted to support whichever side of the issue benefits them at the time, and it would somehow be sacrilegious not to accept the same level of contradiction from their earthly leaders. They call on their followers to pray, when action would be more appropriate, knowing that puts them in the vulnerable position of waiting for what they trust as an infallible decision from a higher power. Questioning higher power, worldly or heavenly, is a weakness.

By combining religion and politics, this administration has successfully silenced millions of unsuspecting victims. Now, these people march in fear of losing paradise if they question their spiritual or mortal leaders. Stripped of free will and the ability to process new information, they aren't capable of seeing what is happening to them, so we must protect them. We must become true soldiers in the war on truth, arm ourselves with facts, and combat the insidious messages they unknowingly spread. We must ask questions of and for them, and fight to refill their shells with what this administration took from them.

The Republican Party (including its Tea Party branch) has capitalized on innocence and ignorance.


Consider this fair notice. I am putting together an army of truth-seekers. We will call out you, and all of your followers, every time we hear or read that you falsified information, or made an untrue assumption or claim. We will do it in public and in private, in front of supporters and children (especially in front of children), and we will not cloak or messages in politically correct, nice words. We will not talk about our friends on the other side of the aisle because people who lie are not our friends. I’m sure you will understand since it was your party who laughed at the idea of diplomacy and said there is no “nice” way to deal with enemies and liars are the enemies of this country.



TO MY READERS: Please help fight this war on truth by putting your politicians, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family on notice and holding them responsible for their parts in spreading lies. You are welcome to share my letter.

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