Monday, October 27, 2014

Got Privilege, Senator McConnell? And generic response letter from Senator McConnell

Dear McConnell:
What a day! My granddaughters went to the Pete Seeger: A Call to Action event at Bellermine University yesterday. As we entered the parking lot, I told them you lived right around the corner and asked if they thought I should drive them over to read the fantastic Affordable Care Act (ridiculously known as Obamacare disaster to you and your allies) to you. Remember all those times you whined that it was too much for anyone to read and I volunteered the grandkids to read and explain it to you because, at their young ages, they could have? They said no thanks, even though it would be fun to knock on your door and be rejected face-to-face. 

At ages eleven and thirteen, this Call to Action event wasn't the most exciting way to spend a Sunday afternoon but I am very proud of them for knowing it was important and agreeing to go. They attended an ending racism and profiling class, visited each booth, picked up literature that caught their interest, asked appropriate questions, and listened to explanations. I know they gained even more from the experience than they realized. 

The younger one chose this postcard as her favorite take-away from the event.

I'm not sure why this has such a strong impact on her but I can tell you that the look in her eyes when she spotted it, when she tucked it in her bag, and again when I asked her about it told this grandmother (as if I didn't already know) that she has a very special granddaughter, even if she wasn't ready to verbalize the obvious emotions she was experiencing. 

I would love to be in your head, McConnell, and learn how these two words impact you. 

As we arrived back at my place, the older granddaughter offered to get the mail that I didn't remove from my box on Saturday. There was a letter from you, proving timing can be on my side once in awhile. She enjoys the Life With McConnell blog and used to look forward to reading your ridiculous form-letter responses to my letters. I commented just recently that you had stopped responding, and wondered if that meant your staff tosses my letters without even pretending to read them any more. 

And there was, in all it's nothingness.

This is, without a doubt, the most generic form-letter ever written. Anyone who reads my blog sees the letters I send to you, and that each of them expresses an opinion about or request for information about something. Yet, your response is about absolutely nothing. You are running for re-election, in a race tighter than your – well, the kids might be reading so you can fill in the blank – and this is the best you can do? 

How insulting. I do thank you, however, for telling me once again how much you appreciate my taking the time to share my concerns and inviting me to your Facebook page. I will link to the published version of this letter when your bought-and-paid-for-fans call me a troll – again, and again, and again.

Looking forward to your retirement,



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