Monday, January 14, 2013

Mitch McConnell Continues to Play Stupid

Dear Senator McConnell:

The President (and his allies)* explained the debt ceiling today, in terms that a seven-year-old child could understand. The debt ceiling is not about new spending; it is about paying the debt that we already owe. Yet, you come out a few hours later and present it dishonestly. Shame on you.

As you know**, both parties are responsible for repaying the debt that we already owe. The Republican Party is responsible for the worst of that debt. We sane Americans (that would be the Obama allies) haven't forgotten about your wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, your ridiculous Bush tax breaks, the welfare you promised to corporations, or your Medicare Part D - ALL unfunded. Should anyone try to forget, I'll remind them.

President Obama said, "We are not a deadbeat nation." Even though he called you out by name at another point in the speech, my inner child (see my bumper sticker for full details) wished so much he would had added to that, "Despite having deadbeat leaders in McConnell and Boehner."

* Why do you keep adding 'and his allies' every time you mention President Obama's name? Does it feel like war talk to you? Do you think your base hates allies?

** I hate when you use 'as you know' in your letters and then follow them with something that sane people know is not true. Hate it! I hate for anyone to use 'as you know' because if the person truly knows, there's no point in telling them again. You can choose for yourself whether to believe I used this to mock you, or to remind you.

Proud President Obama Allie,


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