Sunday, December 30, 2012

Senator McConnell Created Fiscal Cliff Because He Wanted To Be Somebody

Dear Senator McConnell:

As we near the cliff that you created, I am reminded that you aren’t the only one willing to insult the intelligence of THE American people. Others, who think it is in their best interest to cover your pathetic reputation, are suggesting ridiculous things like you might ‘save the day’ through negotiations. Not only is that ridiculous, it feeds into your sick need for attention. It’s like giving in to the two-year-old’s temper tantrum.

(Before you pump up your chest or don your super hero cape, please know that only the stupidest of your party are gullible enough to swallow that load.)

If I hide your car keys so I can force you to appreciate me when I find them for you, I’m a punk. If I steal your car so I can lend you mine and make you dependent on me, I’m a rat. If I steal your car and revoke your driver’s license so you can’t get anywhere, I’m you – a heartless person with no morals or ethics. I don’t like heartless people, or people who have no morals or ethics, or people who are so lazy or greedy that they will fall for ‘McConnell saves the day’ bushit. I don’t like people who play games with semantics. I will make it my job to reach as many people as I can with these truths about you:

  • You have dedicated yourself to protecting the top 2% no matter how much you hurt the other 98% doing so. I try to understand how your principles could be so twisted and all I can figure is that your parents neglected your emotional needs during your formative years. My daughter was a 2 percenter, in a way that mattered. She received awards for being in the top 2% of the nation on standardized testing. I congratulated her, saved the awards in folders, and reminded her that she was fortunate to have been born with the ability to make those grades without working hard. My job as her mother was to teach her to study with and encourage friends who worked much harder than she did for average grades. I learned that from my parents when learning came easy for me. I wish your parents had spent some time on lessons like this, and that voters would pay more attention to principles.

  • You created this cliff through obstructionism and obstinacy. When your hostage-taking antics failed before, your ‘save the day’ deal was this cliff. Now, you are playing both victim and super hero, hoping to fool everyone somehow. That doesn’t work, Senator McConnell. It makes you look like an old fool and embarrasses those of us who have to hear, “What’s wrong with Kentuckians that they keep voting for this fool?”  

  • You put politics before people. Maybe you were half asleep during that lesson. It’s supposed to be that you put principles before personalities.

Many people think you are in this for the money. I tend to think the money is less important than ‘being somebody’ to you. In case you don’t know him, I introduce you to Travis Tritt. I think the two of you had a lot in common. Early in his career, he got a big head and wanted to trounce his competition. But, he was a decent enough person to stop short of selling his soul. You sold yours to ‘be somebody’ and still want to crush people who have had dedication, heart and soul, and played their guitars on the harder side of town. 

You are not a nice person, Senator McConnell.


(Thank you, Mike, for letting me know about the typo.)

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  1. Bravo, Sandy! I've never read anything so TRUE! Many of us have felt this way for YEARS--thank you for putting things so succinctly.