Monday, August 20, 2012

Kentucky Senators to Make Rare Appearance in Public

Dear Senators McConnell and Paul:

Where do I even begin? You guys have outdone yourselves these last few weeks. If I weren’t so disgusted with the attempts to exhaust, disenfranchise, and suppress votes, and the pathological lying (sorry, Senator McConnell, you don’t even hold that record any more) I might have enjoyed watching the Republican Party self-destruct.

I do know where to start. Let’s get this out of the way so I don’t get stuck in personal stories and forget. Tomorrow is the big day on which you and my friends get to disappoint me all on the same day. That might be a first. As much as I have longed for the opportunity to meet the two of you--individually or separately--I will not pretend that you are finally offering your non-supporting constituents that opportunity. I strongly resent the fact that the first time you decide to grace those of us who aren’t pouring money into your campaigns with your presence, it is at a Tea Party Rally.

See, I believe words mean something. Most of us learned about rallies in school, when we met as a whole to “rally” our sports teams. It was a fun time because the opposing team was not present so we could pretend we were #1 even if we knew that wasn’t true. And, in the spirit of rallying the team, we could say terrible and even untrue things about the other team – all in fun. I believe that is the purpose of all rallies and this is why I carefully decide whether what I am organizing or attending is a rally or a protest.

There are a number of reasons why I will not attend this rally in Frankfort tomorrow. I have no desire to be in the company of people who consider themselves Tea Party members (for the record, I see no difference between the Tea Party and the rest of the Republican Party other than the funny hats) because they have repeatedly, across the country, proven themselves to be violent, ignorant, rude, and dishonest. What’s not to avoid, huh? I know both of you will say what you know they want to hear, and that will mostly be lies about President Obama. I would rather not pretend you are welcome to insult my intelligence that way.

More importantly, although I dislike the Tea Party the same as I disliked my school’s rival team, I believe it would be rude to crash their rally and interrupt the lies their coaches want to share (all in fun, because you and they will know that you are purposely lying just to get them fired up for the game). 

It’s sad that you consider politics a game, and sadder still that you believe you are justified in cheating. Saddest of all is that your party preys on the ignorant by pretending you are doing this in the name of Jesus or God or something good, when there is absolutely nothing good about it. It makes me wish I believed in hell because that is where you deserve to be for doing this.

I will not give you the pleasure of forcing me to put aside my principles and standards, or risk having my head stomped for the opportunity to see you in person. That is something that should occur regularly, without fear. And I most certainly won’t be present to make it appear to media that the Tea Party drew a larger crowd. Instead, I will share this letter with the public to make sure everyone knows the ugly position you put your constituents in.

I’ll be back later for the rest since this is about all that will fit in the box on your sites.

Hoping you accidentally tell some truths tomorrow,


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