Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In Defense of Todd Akin

Dear Senator McConnell:

Don't you think it is beyond hypocritical for you and your party to be dogging Todd Akin? This man represents your party as well as anyone possibly could so you turn on him, just because he accidentally told the truth? That is not nice.

One thing you guys should learn, if you hope to save face at all, is that you can't run from one another when you have voted in unison and you speak from the same script. Sure, Akin used the word legitimate instead of forced, but reasonable people know and admit the meaning is the same. You have all voted and voiced the same opinion that he expressed.

At least you should try to give the appearance of consistency. If you are going to call for Akin to pull out of his race, you should call for Romney/Ryan to do the same.

In case you haven't kept up, or you've conveniently forgotten about your party's positions on rape, abortion, and all things female, I leave the following reminder:

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