Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Senator McConnell on 1st Amendment - Rip Rinehart

Actual email from Mitch McConnell! Not satire from The Onion! Senator Mitch, or as he apparently now prefers, "Leader McConnell," gave a rousing speech last week to the corporate-friendly American Enterprise Institute. He defended the infamous Citizens United decision that is rapidly finishing off the last shreds of American democracy, and railed against proposals to require corporations and unions to disclose how they fund political advertising.

No big surprises there. Dear Leader McConnell knows where his bread is buttered, as they say.

But here's the hilarious part: he's calling his defense of Big Money and Super PACs a "full-throated defense of the First Amendment," and characterizing Democratic efforts to at least lift the viel of secrecy from the whole sordid thing as "bullying and intimidation tactics to silence conservative groups critical of the President's policies."

Oh, Mitch. Sometimes you just slay me with your wacky hijinx. You ARE kidding, aren't you?

Rip Rinehart 

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