Wednesday, June 13, 2012

American Jobs Act

Dear Senator McConnell:

I know you don't read. Remember those grandchildren I volunteered to read the HealthCare bill to you? I asked one of them to find President Obama's Jobs Bill for me and within seconds she had located it on the internet.

Pleased as it would make me to declare her the most brilliant ten-year-old on the planet, that would be misleading. Most children her age would be able to do the same. So, I wonder why your Party's presumed nominee wasn't able. Could it be that only people who recognize donuts have the Google on their computers? Only liberals know how to search the internet? Females have an easier time locating important documents?

Nah. I'm pretty sure we both know that Mitt Romney is a liar, and that is most definitely a non gender specific, Republican trait. I would bet my last dollar that he only pretended he didn't know about the American Jobs Act because he knows the Republican base hates facts and honesty, and would cheer right in lockstep as though they'd never heard of it either.

Seriously, how do you live with yourself knowing that most of them consider you their leader? (I know you're a puppet on tight strings, but Ofkoch probably means nothing to them.)

I'm sending this link to the American Jobs Act on the White House website. You might save face if you can bring yourself to read it this time, share it with your presumed candidate, and maybe have him explain what he doesn't like about it and why you obstructed it every step of the way.


Former Fetus

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