Monday, February 13, 2012

We Aren't All Reptiles, Senator McConnell

Dear Senator McConnell:

I’m sure, for people who resemble reptiles, especially the few of you who are reptilian in personality and appearance, and who most people would remain celibate for life rather than even consider as a sex partner, contraception does not seem important. For the rest of us, sex and contraception are important. 

You have embarrassed the sane people of Kentucky once again with your absurd comments regarding the faux contraception issue. We all know this is just an excuse to take the focus off of jobs and the economy since your party has ignored 99% of THE American People. Still, you don’t get a pass on  your ridiculously ignorant statements.

Unless you are totally inept, in which case you do not belong in office, you are purposely trying to mislead. That is not nice or acceptable. No one suggested that any person whose religious beliefs preclude the use of birth control engage in any form of birth control. You know that, so your attempt to present this message as though that did happen is disgraceful. 

In your statements, you’ve told every woman in Kentucky that you care nothing about her religious beliefs, her choice, or her intelligence. Good for you! I haven’t seen another issue yet that illustrated your total disregard for honesty, or that rallied more sleepers into the discussion. And you can be sure that I will save the videos and articles to bring back out should you be foolish enough to run again. 

Yes, this IS about freedom of religion and you have stomped all over mine. 


p.s. Credible, electable candidate? Ha! That's funny but don't quit your day job. Wait! Do quit your day job. It's time to retire. 
p.p.s. Thanks for making the case for taxing churches

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  1. You are right, where are the jobs?