Monday, February 13, 2012

Things That Offend My Religious Beliefs, Senator McConnell

Dear Senator McConnell:

I’ve thought a great deal about your logic and think maybe we should adopt it across the board. Since you believe that religious freedom means forcing everyone to live by one person’s (or one group of people who share a brain) belief system, no matter how immoral or impractical said belief(s) might be, I provide the following list of things that I find immoral and want stopped immediately:

1. Tax exemptions for churches

2. Tax exemptions for charitable donations

3. Tax deductions for people who have more than two children

4. Sheltered trust funds for the children of parents who know they’ve raised greedy, worthless offspring and therefore think they need to hoard dirty money for future generations

5. Wars started for the sole purpose of lining Republican pockets which I believe would be all started by Republicans in my lifetime (I do support President Obama’s version of targeting terrorists and assisting those who are under attack by their governments but don’t expect you to admit there is a difference)

6. Corporate welfare

7. Citizen’s United

8. Organized religion, although I have no problem with it being legal for people over twenty-one to participate if they choose

9. Home schooling

10. All groups that use the word family or patriot as part of their title

11. Walmart and FOX News [sic]

12. Republicans

13. Hypocrites, which would include everyone who professes to be Christian while they judge others for being gay, not being Christian, being poor, not being greedy, using birth control, supporting the rights of others to choose their own religion or what to do with their bodies, supporting Planned Parenthood, being darker than snow, not looking or acting like reptiles, hating FACTS (yep, I used the four-letter F bomb on you)

14. Thunder Over Louisville (annual celebration of war with fighter planes and fireworks over the city that is now home to refugees from countries we have destroyed – remember Muhammad?

15. Media coverage of people (you, especially) who confuse their bible with the constitution and can't get either right
This concludes my short list. Will get back to you with more once you’ve managed to eradicate these violations of my first amendment rights. 

Terribly sincere,


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