Sunday, October 23, 2011

75% Constitutes THE American People

Senator McConnell:

Once again, you either don't understand or you lie. I'm guessing a little of each, which makes you unfit for your position. When the polls show that 75% of the people support something, you don't get to lie and/or pretend that you know better what they think.

The American People DO think it is time to tax the top 2%. Don't tell us what you "think" we want. Listen to what we tell you we want. The time you spent during break was only with your supporters, in private places. Don't pretend that you were out talking to the masses because that is not true.

This quote misrepresents me, a constituent, and 75% of the American people. You owe us an apology and an honest statement, in public.

“Yeah, these bills are designed on purpose not to pass,” McConnell asserted. “I mean, the president is deliberately trying to create an issue here. Look, the American people don’t think, I’m sure, that it’s a good idea. Four out of five of the so-called millionaires are business owners, over 300,000 small businesses in our country that hire people. I don’t think the American people think that raising taxes on business, small business in the middle of this economic situation we find ourselves in is a particularly good idea.”

What do you mean "so-called" millionaires? Are you implying that someone has suggested people who are not millionaires will be taxed as millionaires? What makes you think/say that? And why would you say that these bills are designed on purpose not to pass? That is not true. They were designed to pass and 75% of the people want them to pass. You chose to ignore 75% of the people to pursue your own agenda of obstruction and destruction.

You might think police, firefighter, and teacher layoffs aren't your problem now. I bet they will be your problem when re-election comes around.

Rest of the story and video here.


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