Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Sly McConnell Plan For Ending the Republican Created Debt Ceiling Crisis

Dear Senator McConnell:

On second thought, I do understand why you want to bypass Senator Reid and go directly to President Obama. (Note: understanding doesn't mean I condone.) When trying to understand you, it is necessary for me to consider how children think.

When my daughters were fifteen and four, the fifteen-year-old's name not-so-mysteriously appeared on the dining room wall. Since there were only three of us present in the house when this occurred, I knew I did not do it, and I was positive the fifteen-year-old would not have omitted one of the seven letters in her name, I was 99.9% certain the four-year-old was guilty.

You would be the four-year-old in this situation. Unfortunately, President Obama would be the parent who wanted to find some way for you to save face and, consequently, probably not learn enough to never try to pull something like this again. He would allow you to say, "My fifteen-year-old sister did not create this mess," instead of forcing you to admit that you did write on the wall.

I wish President Obama would finally recognize and admit to all of us the sad truth that you do not have our best interest at heart, that you are not his friend or a friend of the people, and that you are impossible to work with. I believe he owes us that honesty.

In my opinion, your plan begs permission to pretend you aren't doing what you are doing, and is as ridiculous as my example of stating that everyone else did not do something instead of admitting that you did. I am asking you to stop the insanity and do what is right for this country. In all ways that truly matter, it would also be what is right for you. Either sign a clean bill as you did when you were a Bush puppet, or let the Bush tax cuts go, because that is the only action that would truly be a fair compromise.


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