Saturday, July 30, 2011

Even the Children Are Disappointed In You, Senator McConnell

Dear Senator McConnell:

Who do you think you are? The amount of gall it takes for you to think that you can snub Senator Reid and demand to speak only with the President after you have done nothing but obstruct, lie, and ignore the people who have tried to contact you disgusts me.

I honestly believe you have demonstrated sufficient concern for “The American People” to demand that your mental competency be tested. We deserve to know if you are too sick to perform your duties or if you are simply a traitor. When you care more about a pledge to Grover Norquist or proving that you will sacrifice the will and best interest of the people for your personal vendetta against the President, I believe that makes you a traitor.

“The American People” have been unable to get through the phone lines to your office, although you and I both know that you will only lie and deny that you received calls from people who disagree with you. Same goes for writing, hence this blog. And trying to visit your Louisville office is a huge disappointment since they only allow two people each day to enter.

On Tuesday, after President Obama asked that we contact our representatives, I took my granddaughters with me to do just that. We went to Congressman Yarmuth’s office first, where the office staff welcomed us and allowed us to speak with Congressman Yarmuth via Skype. At ages 8 and 10, those little girls noticed that Congressman Yarmuth did not say everything some of the visitors wanted to hear, but that he kindly explained why and everyone left respecting him and understanding his position.

We then walked over to your office where the guard refused to let us enter. The ten-year-old wrote her first letter to the editor which was not printed but I include it here for you to read:

July 26, 2011

Dear Editor,

I am 10 years old, and just wanted to let you know that today I went with my grandmother and some other concerned citizens to some representatives’ offices* as the president asked. Before that we were holding some signs by a curb in front of Congressman Yarmuth’s office and got a few honks and waves, but the main thing starts after the sign holding. We went into Yarmuth’s office first but he was in Washington, so since we were in a group they Skyped him for us and we got to talk him on Skype. He listened to our questions and was polite and helpful. We talked to him for a while and then he had to go.

So after Yarmuth we went to McConnell. Now this is a very nice article . . . well at least until now. We went in and the first person had a folder pressed up against her chest and the court security officer said no signs allowed or megaphones. We left all of our signs and our one megaphone out in the alcove and went in. We didn’t tell him anything and he said only 2 people could go to the office (and Senator McConnell wasn’t even there!) if you’re in the same group and we never told him we were. We were from a lot of different groups, we told him we were from different groups but there for the same reason – because the President asked us to go. He thought we were crazy after that because he thinks it was the same thing as being in the same group. So we said okay we’ll go 2 at a time and he said no, 2 period. So we let 2 with letters go in, while we waited in the alcove because they wouldn’t even let us go through screening. I’m really disappointed that I haven’t even seen Senator McConnell in my life and I wish he cared enough to let us in his office.


• This Gramma’s heart swelled with pride when she saw the apostrophe after the ‘s’

We returned to your office on Friday, in a large group of people from many groups: KJWJ, MoveOn, Planned Parenthood, a peace group, a healthcare group, and some passers by who decided to join us . . .

My friend Minnie read a letter that she had written to you. I post it here for you to hear for yourself although I have no doubt you will totally ignore her message and continue your lies about “The American People” that you obviously do not know or want to know.

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