Wednesday, April 29, 2015

McConnell’s To Do List



It's been a while. Because the rest of the world has done such a good job of pointing and laughing at how terribly you have handled your leadership position, and have pretty much flooded the internet with negative articles about you, I didn't think it was necessary to post anything original to this blog. 

After annoying my friends and family with my obsession over who continues to read this blog even though I seldom post anything new, I decided I owed it to those readers to post something new. I'm also hoping that some of them will respond because the curiosity is killing me. Many days in the last few months, the audience stats showed there were more readers outside the United States than inside and the google search words baffle me. I thought they were probably looking to see where you stand on the Iran deal or TPP but it seems most of them still want details about your personal life. 

Anyway, you seem totally lost in your leadership position, which should surprise no one since you've been totally lost for decades. In the spirit of Derby – my favorite holiday – I want to be nice for a change. I know how much you hate the words agenda and ally, so I offer this TO DO list to assist you with the tedious chores of educating and reigning in (or at least earning a little like from) your disgruntled MINIONS.


  1. The first amendment is supposed to protect us from liars, not protect lies and liars. Your party has a huge problem with this. On second thought, maybe they are following their leader. You might want to give this some serious consideration because, unbelievable as it might have seemed only a few months ago when you were campaigning on lies, all signs point toward the strong possibility that even your brain dead base are getting sick of your lies.
  2. Shoot. Can't pass up this opportunity. Since I mentioned the first amendment on #1, and this is #2 – you guys don't understand this one either.
  3. We've discussed this before but it's worth mentioning again since the people you are supposed to be leading just don't get it. Words, logic, and honesty matter. You guys look so ridiculous when you refuse to accept responsibility for horrendously unethical, illegal, dishonest actions that you have been caught doing – on video, on tape, in writing, red-handed, no doubt, and then you turn around and try to demonize Hillary Clinton over what you think, maybe, in some small way, might be misconstrued as an appearance of something that could possibly have been shady to a person just waking from a coma. Really. Ridiculous.
  4. Cheaters never win. I guess you have realized this. Totally, since November. My advice as far as 'to do' on this is that you just give up the whole idea that you are a winner and try to do your job.
  5. You need to lead your non-followers away from silly talk about a war on religion. I know, it's nearly impossible for them to think that the left has something on them (there really IS a war on women, and it can be verified in hours, money, and votes that your party has wasted trying to harm women. But, there is no war on religion. (remember, lies, logic, ridiculous – not working for you)

If you get these done, I'll be happy to provide more. Might even be happy enough to call it a Honey Do list in that case.



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