Wednesday, January 21, 2015

CONGRATS, McConnell, You've Outdone Yourself!

I am disappointed in myself for being surprised to find CONGRATS as new choice on McConnell’s drop-down topic list. Yes, it really is in all caps, to honor his supporters, most of whom type in all caps, abuse punctuation, and couldn’t pass third-grade logic or sentence structure. How could I not have expected the egotistical hotdog to add this?

Since topic is mandatory, I chose CONGRATS and used You've outdone yourself! in the also mandatory subject line. I probably should have used all caps and added a dozen more exclamation points but I was busy trying to imagine the form-letter response this topic/subject combination will generate.

The body of my letter (that will probably go unread)


Your comments about President Obama needing to learn to work with you because you were elected might be one of the most embarrassing comments you've made so far this year. You, Senator, need to work with the President that WE elected, two times.

Please, stop embarrassing us with illogical, dishonest, silly statements like that.

 Wondering why you ask for things you aren't willing to give,



  1. Someone was "explaining" to me that "liberals weren't the smart crowd" - Sorry, you don't get to be anti-science, anti-history and anti-facts and get the smart label. That's entirely aside from the anti-human decency.

    GOP folks don't corner the market on hypocrisy but they are definitely demonstrating that practice makes perfect.

  2. Liberals aren't the smart crowd? That silliness is belied by the Conservatives' (say rather, Reactionaries') own constant complaints and declarations that colleges and universities are hotbeds of liberalism. They're right, of course, (a first and only for them) that education tends to imbue people with liberal values. Unfortunately, that sort of implies that they've got the "smart crowd" argument backward, demonstrating nicely that they, themselves, are, in fact, not the "smart crowd."