Friday, April 12, 2013

Mitch McConnell: Not a Convincing Martyr

Dear Senator McConnell:

You might have a few people in the media willing to waste air and print space presenting you as a martyr in the whole “somebody recorded me saying what everyone already knew I was saying about Ashley Judd” fiasco. The rest of us know you are not a martyr, you were not harmed, and you wasted tax dollars calling for an investigation. No, your version of martyrdom is sorta like my Catholic mother’s, “If I were on the floor dying, you’d just step over me,” when she wanted attention.

The only questions left are:

  • Was Progress [sic] Kentucky working for you? It sure looks that way to many of us (I mentioned this in a previous letter, before any of this broke.)
  • Did you cook your own goose since you will be investigated now?

The part of this that doesn’t make me want to scream is that I’m not the only one pointing out your ridiculously false claims that Progress [sic] Kentucky is, or ever was, tied to Kentucky Democrats, or Kentucky progressives, or the left. Kentucky Democrats do not want to make things easy for you and we do not want to hang around with people who call themselves Tea Party to learn how to be like them. We (at least the people I talk to) are appalled by their tactics and actions.

We think we should just sit back and watch you self-destruct until the last possible moment and then announce the candidate who will beat you. We know how you are, and that as soon as you have an opponent to devour, you will call together your little team of ugly people and plan how you will get the media to stop focusing on what a pitiful job you are doing and instead assist you in hurting that person in the most personal way possible. (And you have the nerve to whine that someone said something you didn’t appreciate about your wife – who put herself in the political spectrum where she earned our disdain. Seriously, it takes a lot of gall to be such a hypocrite.)

After reading these articles, I would be embarrassed to admit that I had anything to do with this group. I think you should be ten times as embarrassed to pretend they took you down.

All out of sympathy,


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  1. His call for investigation is like Nixon calling for investigation of Woodward and Burnstien. How are they finding what I am doing? LMAO