Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cease and Desist, Senator McConnell

Dear Senator McConnell:

I’m back, Senator McConnell. The brain hemorrhage has healed and I have been cleared by the neurologist and cardiologist. Thanks to Medicare but much to the disappointment of your party, I am still alive and ready to address a few statements you made recently.

“The specifics we got yesterday (on the Obama proposal) only reinforce the impression that this was largely a political exercise,” McConnell said.

In case you have forgotten, Senator McConnell, you are a politician. Your job is politics. President Obama is a politician and his job is politics. You have demonstrated, repeatedly, that you do not intend to do your job and that your only intention is to see that President Obama has as hard a time as you can give him in doing his. He, on the other hand, has shown us that he is tireless, that he is respectful, that he cares about this country and this world, and that he refuses to let you keep him from doing everything he possibly can to do the best job for us despite your obstruction and your disgusting practice of taking this country hostage.

“For one, they undermine the president’s claim that it’s a bipartisan proposal -- because much of what he’s proposing has already been rejected on a bipartisan basis.” (More of your drivel.)

This is pure hogwash and you know it. Once again, I remind you that although your supporters may care absolutely nothing about honesty or facts, many of your constituents do care very much about both. I resent your constant misrepresentation of President Obama and of THE American people, and I resent your assumption that you can stand on the floor of the Senate and lie while representing me. That is not okay and I demand that you stop, immediately.

“The president knows raising taxes is the last thing you want to do to spur job creation,” McConnell said. “He’s said so himself. Yet that’s basically all he’s proposing here: temporary stimulus to be paid for later by permanent tax hikes, so that when the dust clears, and the economy is no better off than it was after the first stimulus, folks find themselves with an even bigger tax bill than today.”

The dust has cleared now on the false claims your party made that tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy would create jobs (in this country). Not only has the dust cleared, jobs have cleared out of this country into others, and you have totally redistributed the wealth of this country into the hands of a few people. Do you plan to admit and address this? Why, since your plan did not work, would you be opposed to trying President Obama’s plan? Is there any reason other than you want to see President Obama fail? And, would you please explain exactly why you want President Obama to fail, since his failure would harm this country? We, the citizens of Kentucky, deserve complete, honest answers to these questions, immediately.

The President does NOT know that raising taxes is the last thing we want to do to spur job creation although he probably knows it is the last thing you want to do, regardless of the devastating results your obstructing his plea to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire has had on this country. Again, you misrepresent allowing tax breaks to expire as a “permanent tax hike.” And now you shamefully state in public what you hope some fool will believe President Obama knows? Have you paid attention to anything he has said?

Now that I have watched you shirk your duties, I’ve rethought my criticism of those in your party who made childish statements regarding President Clinton being “our employee” and the White House belonging “to us.” Unlike your party, I do not believe I have any right to demand that you do nothing but work (with no under-the-desk multi-tasking) twenty-four hours of every day that you are in office. I do, however, believe that every citizen in this country (particularly those of us who live in Kentucky) has a right to expect you to listen to your President, know his positions, and speak honestly when talking about him and/or his positions. We have a right to expect you to read bills and comprehend them, and to seek assistance from honest, intelligent people when you are unable to comprehend them. We have a right to demand that you never again misrepresent a bill that your President or anyone in his party puts before you, or to lie when representing We the People. That is the job we pay you to do. If you are not capable, it is your civic and moral responsibility to resign.

Once again, I demand that every word you speak while representing me be honest. I will simply dislike you very much if you state honestly that you choose to be a partisan hack, and admit that you hate President Obama more than you care about this country. If you continue to lie while representing me, I will beef up my search for legal representation to serve you with a cease and desist order.

More sincere than you can possibly imagine,



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